Advantages of Jamstack

Why go Headless?

We love Jamstack for the agility and site speed it brings to Headless WordPress. Gatsby 4 makes that even more robust. So, why go headless in a WordPress World? It’s simple: speed, security, scalability, and SEO.


When setting up a Jamstack flow, your website generates pages at deploy time because the files are pre-built and served over a CDN instead of being delivered from servers.

In other words, it serves your user faster than you can read that sentence.

Shorter database queries, anyone? Jamstack is fast!


The architecture of a Jamstack setup decouples the front-end from the CMS.

Since all server-side actions are being run by APIs, the user is served static HTML pages ensuring they are secure.

You have to love that extra layer of security.


How does Jamstack help SEO? Being fast, secure, and scalable is the extra touch your site needs to make it competitive.

Dramatically reduce page load times, increase performance, and see your rankings rise.

Better SEO is better for everyone!


Static content is served in a content delivery network (CDN). The use of a CDN automatically makes your website easier to scale. And, the CDN adds another layer of security.

So, all you have to do is write that viral blog post and launch your site!

Gatsby WP Themes gives you the best of two worlds: the speed, scalability and other benefits of a headless architecture, and the ability to install and configure a theme and have it “just work”.

Kellen Mace
Dev Rel, WP Engine

Features and Plugins

We keep adding new features available across all of our themes; this is why we sell them in packs. We also develop plugins to make your Gatsby website more modern and quick!

  • Dynamic comments
  • Search functionality
  • Multiple user options
  • Tailwind CSS easy customization
  • Page templates
  • Detailed documentation
  • Dedicated support
  • Mailchimp integration
  • And much more to come.

Gatsby Plugin Contact Form 7

Use your WordPress Contact Form 7 forms on your Gatsby site with no effort. Build and add your forms anywhere within your pages, our plugin takes care of the rest.

Gatsby Plugin SEO

If you love Yoast and Gatsby WP Themes, don’t worry. Yoast does a great job attaching meta data to your content. We import your SEO configuration to your Gatsby website!

Rarely these days do many of our software purchases just work.
However, I’ve now spun up all of your base and pro themes, used all the WordPress and Gatsby starters and it all just works.
Well done, we really like it!

Murray Wise

Featured Starters

Our beautifully-designed, modern Jamstack starters will have you changing your entire agency workflow. Once you use one of our starters and get that great client feedback, you won’t want to go back to outdated frameworks.

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