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Top 5 Free Spy Listening Apps for Android: 2024 Overview

Top 5 Free Spy Listening Apps for Android: 2024 Overview

Spying on someone’s phone conversations and surroundings has become increasingly common in recent years. However, it became more challenging to choose a good free spy listening app for Android due to the huge variety.  With numerous free spy apps available for Android devices, it’s easier than ever to listen in remotely. These apps allow you to transform an Android phone into a listening device secretly. Some even have extra capabilities like viewing locations, texts, call logs, and more.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 best free spy listening apps for Android in 2023. These apps can record phone calls and ambient sounds and provide live audio feeds discreetly. We will highlight their standout features, capabilities, and installation guides. Read on to determine which free Android spy listening app suits your needs.

1. mSpy Extreme: The Best Free Listening App For Android

mSpy Extreme1

mSpy is one of the most popular and trusted Android remote microphone spy free solutions available today. Created over 10 years ago, it offers robust monitoring capabilities for iOS and Android devices. The company recently launched mSpy Extreme, which provides extensive surveillance features, including live listening.

Branded as the ultimate Android spying solution, mSpy Extreme lets parents and employers listen in on a device’s surroundings in real time. You simply log into your secure online dashboard from any web browser, then click to begin streaming audio captured by the device’s microphone. It’s completely discreet, with no indication on the device.

In addition to live listening, mSpy Extreme, remote listening app free, records ambient sounds and conversations and then logs them to review later. It also captures texts, call logs, location history, app usage, browsing history, and more. Advanced features like keyword alerts and remote camera access are available, too.

With over a million users worldwide, mSpy is trusted as a reliable and robust monitoring app for Android. mSpy Extreme provides the best free remote listening available while also delivering enterprise-grade surveillance capabilities. Its stealth mode operation helps avoid detection. Overall, mSpy Extreme is the top choice for those seeking comprehensive monitoring with advanced listening features for Android devices.

Learn More About mSpy Extreme Features

Some notable features of mSpy Extreme, Android listening app, include:

  • Ambient listening – Allows covert listening into live surroundings. You get to hear everything happening around the phone.
  • Record surroundings – Can log ambient sounds when motion or voices are detected. Records are uploaded to the online dashboard.
  • Live location tracking – Keeps tabs on locations in real time. Location history is also available.
  • Text message monitoring – Logs of all sent/received texts visible on the online account.
  • Call recording – Automatically records phone calls and uploads audio files.
  • Keylogger – Tracks keystrokes typed on the device forEXTRA_INPUT_TEXT insights into messages, emails, searches, and more.
  • Remote camera – Secretly takes pictures with the phone camera to see surroundings.

mSpy Extreme Installation Guide

Installing Android listening app – mSpy Extreme takes only a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a subscription plan on the mSpy website. Provide your email address.
  2. Check your inbox for install instructions that will arrive via email.
  3. Download and install the mSpy app using the provided link. 
  4. Hide the icon, so the app runs discreetly in the background.
  5. Use the login details provided to access your online mSpy Extreme account.
  6. Start monitoring by checking logs and using features like live listening and location tracking.

2. Hoverwatch: Remote Listening App For Android [Free]


Hoverwatch is a user-friendly monitoring app for Android that offers free spying capabilities, including ambient listening and call recording. With remote access, you can turn the target phone into a listening device. The remote listening app Android allows you to discreetly tune in to the phone’s surroundings and listen in real-time mode. Free call recording is included as well. Overall, Hoverwatch provides an easy way to use an Android phone for free listening remotely.

Key Hoverwatch Features: Our Top Picks

  • Real-time audio – Listen into phone surroundings and hear conversations.
  • Calls recording – Record incoming/outgoing calls in stealth mode.
  • Location tracking – View the location on the map in real-time or check the history.
  • Text messages – Read SMS content sent/received on the device.
  • Media files – Remotely view photos and videos stored on the phone.
  • Browser history – Check websites visited on the monitored device.
  • Device info – See battery levels, memory usage, and installed apps.

How to Install Hoverwatch?

The installation process for Hoverwatch takes only a few minutes:

  1. Sign up for a free or paid Hoverwatch account. It is a common step for all listening apps.
  2. Download the installation file from the account dashboard.
  3. Access the phone physically and install the Hoverwatch app.
  4. Disguise the icon and confirm device admin access.
  5. Log into your online account to start monitoring features like call recording and live listening.

3. iKeyMonitor: best spy hearing app for Android [Free]


iKeyMonitor is best spy hearing app for Android and provides robust spying capabilities. It discreetly captures ambient audio, records phone calls, and offers powerful monitoring features. With remote access, you can use the app to secretly listen in on conversations, phone calls, and the device’s surroundings in real time. iKeyMonitor works completely in the background, without detection. If you’re looking for a free spy hearing tool tailored for Android that records and listens in seamlessly, iKeyMonitor is a leading choice.

The Top iKeyMonitor Features We Recommend

  • Ambient listening – Listen to live phone surroundings and conversations.
  • Call recording – Record all incoming and outgoing calls in stealth mode.
  • Text messages – View SMS contents, including deleted texts.
  • Keyword alerts – Get notifications when specific keywords are used.
  • Media files – Remotely access photos and videos stored on the device.
  • Screenshots – Captures images of phone screen activity.
  • Browser history – View bookmarks and sites visited on the device browser.

How to Install iKeyMonitor in 3 Steps?

  1. Create an iKeyMonitor account and get an access link for the listening app for Android.
  2. Install iKeyMonitor on the target phone physically. Provide all permissions.
  3. Activate the app using the license key. It will now run invisibly.

4. mLite: Trustworthy & Free Listening App for Android


mLite is a lightweight listening device app for Android focused on essential spying capabilities. The free version offers ambient listening, call recording, location tracking, app and web monitoring. While not as full-featured as premium apps, mLite provides dependable free listening and call recording for Android devices. You can discretely listen in on live surroundings and review recordings of conversations. The app runs discretely in the background without draining the battery. mLite is easy to use and tailored for parents and employers seeking basic remote listening functionality for Android phones and tablets. For reliable free ambient listening and call recording, mLite is a solid choice.

Highlighting mLite’s Prime Features

  • Listen to live calls – Monitor phone call conversations as they occur.
  • Ambient listening – Hear surrounding sounds and voices around the phone.
  • View texts – Read sent/received SMS messages.
  • Track location – See the location on the map in real time or check the history.
  • Panic Button – Be on time when they need help.

How to Set Up mLite on Target’s Phone?

  1. Sign up for a free mLite account using your email address to access listening app for Android.
  2. Install the mLite app after downloading from the account.
  3. Provide all permissions and activate administrator rights.
  4. Hide the app icon so it runs discretely in the background.
  5. Log into your account online to access monitored data.

5. FlexiSpy: Top-Notch Free Android Listening App


FlexiSpy is a premium Android listening app with a free listening-focused version. It captures high-quality audio recordings stealthily. The free FlexiSpy app provides live listening, call interception, and ambient recording to let you remotely spy on any Android device discreetly. It’s an excellent free option, specifically for listening in on surroundings and conversations.

Standout FlexiSpy Features Worth Noting

  • Call interception – Listen to live calls as they occur.
  • Ambient listening – Remotely turn on the mic to listen to the surroundings.
  • Call recording – Capture all incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Audio quality – Excellent high-def recording with noise cancellation.
  • Stealth mode – Functions completely in the background with no suspicion.

Simplified FlexiSpy Installation

  1. Create a FlexiSpy account and get the installation file.
  2. Physically access the phone to install and activate FlexiSpy.
  3. Provide all permissions so the app can function discreetly.
  4. Log into an online dashboard to access live listening and more.


Spy listening apps for Android offer an effortless way to monitor phone calls and surroundings remotely. The top free options we covered include mSpy Extreme, Hoverwatch, iKeyMonitor, mLite, and FlexiSpy. These apps run stealthily in the background once installed. Features like live audio feeds and call recordings are easily accessed through online accounts. Compare these apps to decide which one best fits your remote listening needs. 

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