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#1 Solution to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

#1 Solution to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

Women often get that flicker of jealousy when they see their man smiling and greeting other women. But sometimes, the suspicion can linger, leaving a thick fog of doubt over your relationship. Especially when there are glaring behavioral changes with no reasonable explanations forthcoming, as was my case.

My questions were always deflected, and the exhaustive arguments kept going around in endless circles. I was left wondering most times where the relationship was heading.

In a foggy situation like this, you could use many different means to get directions. Using spy apps to check your boyfriend’s text messages for free can be quite controversial, but it’s increasingly becoming popular given the favorable results it tends to yield – I’m a witness.

In one of the numerous scathing posts criticizing spyware on PCMag, the results of a NortonLifeLock survey showed that 65% of young adults now believe digital stalking is normal. The survey also shows that one out of ten adults in the U.S. has used a spy app to monitor their current or ex-partner’s text messages.

The problem isn’t really with the spy apps themselves but how they’re used. After several paragraphs harping on the dangers of spyware, the PCMag article admits that “Stalkerware itself isn’t usually the problem, it’s the relationship. Even if you manage to remove the software from the device, that doesn’t mean the issue is solved.”

I’m lucky to have a loving and caring boyfriend who sat me down and talked things out to convince me that the situation wasn’t beyond repair. But it was really my method of sorting things out that brought him to his knees. As someone who’s witnessed the results personally, I can guarantee that this method has a 98% likelihood of helping you spy on your boyfriend’s text messages. 

How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting With eyeZy? Fast & Easy 


So, what was my secret weapon? After pouring through tons of reviews, I was able to wise up on how to select the most suitable spy app for my mission. eyeZy, along with a handful of other apps, made it on my list. So I decided to try some of them, and eyeZy delivered the best experience.

First, the app is designed for someone like me who doesn’t have the time or patience to dabble around with technical stuff. I love apps where I can just get what I want with just a few clicks. eyeZy has never given me a hard time, and I was able to learn how to hack my boyfriend’s text messages and all his phone content in a breeze.

eyeZy also stays hidden throughout, even the keenest tech expert would have a hard time finding the app on a target phone. Out of fear I might get caught, I had sometimes borrowed my boyfriend’s phone with silly excuses and then quickly scrolled through his app menu and app drawer to find any signs of my tracking campaign but never found anything.

Another big deal is the app’s ability to track deleted messages. The app’s algorithm copies messages when they’re registered on the target phone’s operating system. As such, the app is able to retain copies of text messages that have been deleted by the target. With that, your boyfriend is really going to have a hard time covering his sleazy trails.

Now, with all that being said, let’s take a look at the specific features of eyeZy that helped turn on the lights on my boyfriend’s secrets.

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Social Spotlight: Get Full Access to Their Social Media 

social spotlight

The Social Spotlight feature compiles all your boyfriend’s social media data into well-organized categories. It covers nearly every type of activity across every popular social platform. At a glance, you can see all he’s been doing on each platform, from Facebook to WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, Viber, and the list goes on.

You’ll see all incoming and outgoing text messages, group messages, shared multimedia files, etc. The time and date stamps and the contact details of the respondents also help provide a fuller understanding of their conversations.

You’ll also have a full rundown of all his contacts across all the platforms, including those in his phone book. If any particular contact stands out, you can check out all their conversations across different social platforms.

Other types of messages covered by the feature include email and SMS. eyeZy uncovers every email they send or receive, whether it’s from a general email service or a private email server.

I also mentioned the feature for reading deleted messages. If he deletes any message on any platform, rest assured it will show up along with every other info on his activity reports.

But there’s still more to the Social Spotlight feature. A remote screen recorder lets you peer into his chat screen in real-time from your device. You can also save screenshots of his chat for more evidence to nail him. 

Keystroke Capture: See Everything They Type and Tap

eyezy keystroke

Another handy feature that helped me get a handle on my relationship is the keystroke capture. This isn’t one of your regular keyloggers with garbled keypress reports that boggles you. eyeZy’s keystroke capture deploys AI to provide analysis-friendly, easily-readable keylog reports.

You’ll get to see every single key he’s pressed along with their specific contexts. The reports will show, for instance, the app window or screen in which the keys were pressed. So the messages he typed out on WhatsApp will show up on the exact WhatsApp screen where he typed them.

All the words and phrases he searches for will also be presented along with the place he goes searching. As such, the keystroke capture not only reveals his messages but his browsing trails as well – you might be shocked to find him looking up female underwear sizes that are obviously not yours.

Also accompanying entries on the keypress reports are the time and date stamps to help further you connect the dots.

To crown it all, eyeZy alerts you to suspicious conversations. You can specify any set of words you want to be flagged. Whenever he types any of those words or reads them in his incoming texts, you’ll get notified of that instance. 

Who Is He Texting? Peep in eyeZy’s Dashboard 

eyezy demo

eyeZy’s dashboard might seem a little intimidating at first, with a raft of features and several categories of phone data. But if you look closer, you’ll find the app offers a highly intuitive experience. The names of the features may all sound uncanny, like the Pinpointer and the Plan Breaker, but they’re unequivocal. You can easily tell what lies behind each title.

Each feature comes with well-arranged subcategories to further ease your perusal. For instance, Social Spotlight comes with subcategories for specific platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, etc. The subcategories are further broken down into lower-level categories, like Chats and Contact Lists for each social platform. 

How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine? eyeZy’s 5-Minute Installation 

Another reason I recommend eyeZy is the breezy installation process because it significantly reduced my likelihood of getting caught. Trust me, installation is a big deal, and if you can get it done without getting worked up and having to call for help, the rest of your spying campaign will roll smoothly.

With eyeZy, you have many installation options to choose from, so you’ll most likely find one you can easily implement. On average, you can expect eyeZy installation to take you about five minutes.

Here’s how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine using eyeZy:

Step 1. Get an eyeZy Account

Fill out a sign-up form for an eyeZy account on the app’s official site. Simply submit your email address. After that, you’ll be asked to choose the type of device you want to track – Android or iOS. Your choice here will affect the installation methods, features, and pricing for your plan.

Step 2. Pick a Subscription Plan

eyeZy has two plan categories – Android and iOS. Each category has plans based on license duration and features. (More on that in the section below). Choose a plan that best serves your needs, and then complete your payment and checkout.

Step 3. Follow the Friendly Installer

Check the email you provided for confirmation of your new account. This notification comes with details of the installation process. In particular, you’ll be given a link to the Friendly Installer feature, a simple, straightforward setup wizard that’ll help you get things rolling in no time.

You’ll only need to click a few buttons here and there on your phone and your boyfriend’s (if he’s using an Android phone). We’ll talk more about the installation modes below.

Step 4. Get Unfettered Access to Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

That’s it! You’ll be finished in just a few clicks and have your boyfriend’s text messages in plain sight on your screen. The long list of features might be dazzling at first, but you don’t need to use all of them at once. Just start with the Social Spotlight and Keylogger categories. This is where you’ll see the bulk of his texts. After searching through his social media and emails, you can then turn to his multimedia library, browser data, and other phone activities.

Why Is eyeZy The Best Choice to Hack Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages? 

Now, let’s talk briefly about the advantages eyeZy has over most other spy apps out there. eyeZy is a new kid on the block, but in the relatively short time it has existed, it has managed to carve a name and a growing user base for itself. eyeZy has an edge over most older spy apps in multiple regards.

Multiple Installation Options

There’s the local Wi-Fi installation mode where you have eyeZy set up on your boyfriend’s phone to transmit all his phone data once he connects to his local Wi-Fi network.

If you’re wondering how can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone, there’s the iCloud syncing method where you just sync your device with your boyfriend’s iCloud to access his iCloud backup files. You don’t need to handle his phone at all with this one.

Users can also opt for the jailbreak/rooting method to deploy a wider set of tracking features.

Affordable Plans

For $1 a day or less, you can have access to eyeZy’s premium phone tracking features.

A Truckload of Spying Features

eyeZy’s features reveal every last bit of detail about your boyfriend’s phone activities. You can track his digital trails across every possible platform. Track him both online and offline, from his social media apps to his browsers, SMS, call logs, and phone book.

A Raft of Remote Control Features

Tracking campaigns don’t have to end with just reading SMS. eyeZy gives you swathes of remote control features to take action on any suspicious content on your boyfriend’s phone through your own device. You can block his contacts, delete incoming messages, and make it harder for him to indulge his peccadilloes.

Round-The-Clock Customer Support

This is one of the areas where eyeZy really stands out. As a new entrant, it’s hard to work twice as hard as incumbent apps to establish its reputation. it’s done that quite well, providing customers with a highly responsive, round-the-clock support channel.

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eyeZy’s Alternatives to See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

Still wondering how can I read my husband’s text messages without touching his phone? To be honest, I actually had a hard time choosing between eyeZy and a few other apps on my shortlist. It was after carefully considering all the different aspects of the spying experience in view of my personal needs that I decided to settle with eyeZy.

I believe those other alternatives may suit others better than eyeZy, so it’s worth reviewing them. 


mSpy app

mSpy leads the pack of eyeZy alternatives for checking your boyfriend’s messages. It’s a time-served app that has maintained pole position thanks to proactive, customer-oriented app management. The creators were simply out to create the best spy app out there. They’ve pulled all stops to research and implement the most sophisticated spying features and respond to customers’ feedback.

mSpy provides a vast range of basic as well as rare, advanced spying features on a neat, intuitive dashboard. Like eyeZy, the setup process is a breeze. You’ll find a simple set of instructions in the confirmation email that you can follow through in minutes.

Once set up, all your target’s phone data will be neatly curated in numerous categories. You’ll find a comprehensive activity report in each category, complete with metadata like time and date stamps and the identity of the sender/receiver.

Take live screenshots of their chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any messaging platform. There’s also a keylogger to see every button he presses on his phone. Access his multimedia library and see photos, images, and other files he shares across social networks.

Another key feature worth mentioning is the stealth operations. Once fully installed, mSpy varnishes into the target phone’s operating system, where it accesses and copies every data generated on the phone. So if you’re wondering how can I see my boyfriend’s deleted text messages, mSpy’s clandestine operation not only keeps your tracking campaign under wraps it also gives you full access to all his phone activities, including his deleted messages.

NOTE: Since the app copies and saves data immediately when they’re recorded on the phone, you’ll still get to your boyfriend’s text messages long after he’s deleted them. 



If you’re really keen to learn how can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing, TheSpyBubble is the stealthy spy app you can count on. It lets you deploy a wide array of tracking features without leaving the slightest clue behind on your target’s device.

One thing that really stood out for me is the no-jailbreak and no-root installations. Most apps require rooting or jailbreaking to access social media data, but TheSpyBubble doesn’t. You won’t break a sweat when setting up TheSpyBubble.

The text tracking features are comprehensive. They cover every important social platform from Facebook to Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Kik, etc. The chat reports are comprehensive, showing time and date stamps and other relevant metadata. You can also view the multimedia he has saved on his phone as well as those sent or received online.

TheSpyBubble also comes with a keylogger for more options to get the hang of things. You’ll get an easily-to-digest keypress report that you can make sense of at a glance. 

Pro-tip: Check for the delete button entries to find out which messages or phone data he’s deleting to cover his tracks.

There’s also the remote control feature originally meant for parents to regulate content on their kid’s phone, but you can also use it to keep your boyfriend on a tight leash. You can effectively use it to shut down any sleazy communication and discourage him from viewing harmful content.

However, TheSpyBubble lags in areas like phone tracking resources and reliable customer support compared to mSpy and eyeZy, which made it second best for me. But overall, it’s still a very decent spy app that delivers on your boyfriend’s text messages anytime, anywhere. 



Another powerful spy app to read your boyfriend’s messages, Hoverwatch is reliable, versatile, and user-friendly. It allows you not only to check your boyfriend’s text messages for free on an iPhone but also a host of other phone activities. The text tracker records every text your target sends or receives on any messaging platform, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Kik, etc.

You can also read offline messages, including Instant Messengers and SMS. The activity reports are also comprehensive as well, providing every bit of detail about all his chats and interactions, from private messages to group chats, forum chats, and profile updates.

Hoverwatch also comes with remote control features, although it requires rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. But you don’t need jailbreaking and rooting to track SMS, calls, and many other phone activities. 

Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages: Free Trials & Pricing 

I know this doesn’t answer it if you’re wondering, ‘How can I see who my boyfriend is texting for free?’, but my recommended apps are all within the affordable, low-budget price range. They also offer free trials to let you get a taste of their offerings. However, you’ll need to pay for a premium plan to continue using them once your free trial is over.

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing: 

Pricing$9.99$27.99 (Currently running a 50% discount – get a plan for $20)$28$24.95
FeaturesSocial Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Screen Recorder, Phone Analyzer, Plan Breaker, Pinpointer, Browsing history, Installed appsSocial media tracker, Call logs, Call recorder, Remote screenshot, Keylogger, GPS tracker, App list, Remote app blockerSocial media tracker, Call logs, SMS tracker, Keylogger, Browsing history, GPS trackerCall log, Call recording, Remote screenshots, Keylogger, Ambiance recording, SMS tracker, Social media tracker, Remote app blocker
CompatibilityAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOS
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, phone24/7 live chat, phone, email24/7 Email24/7 Customer Support

Conclusion: Which App Should You Use to Check Your Boyfriend’s Messages? 

I’ve shown you the text spy apps with the best reviews, features, and pricing, so which one is the best fit for you best? Take advantage of the free trials and give them a spin for free to see which one best suits your present needs.My recommended spy apps are all reliable, comprehensive, and affordable. Like I said earlier, you have a 98% chance of succeeding with them. Once you have them set up, you can rest assured that all your boyfriend’s incoming and outgoing messages will automatically be forwarded to your phone.

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