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How Can I Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone? 3 Cool Hints

How Can I Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone? 3 Cool Hints

In all my years of reviewing spy apps, there’s no question I’ve been asked as much as this one: how can I read my husband’s text messages without touching his phone?

Of course, that doesn’t come as a surprise. Infidelity has become more common in relationships today, and men are often the culprits. According to a recent study on extramarital affairs, 23% of men admitted to cheating compared to 12% of women. 

In another interesting survey, 74% of married men (compared to 68% of married women) agreed they’d have an affair if there was a guarantee they wouldn’t get caught.

These numbers are indeed scary. So, if your husband has been acting weird lately, and you suspect he might be seeing someone else, I don’t blame you; he just might be.

But how do you know for sure? In this article, I’ll show you how to check your spouse’s text messages for free without getting caught. I’ve tried some of these methods to keep an eye on my wife, and I can guarantee they’re 95% efficient

Once you’re done with this article, your husband won’t be able to keep anything hidden from you again. Enough long talk; let’s dive in. 

How Can I See My Husband’s Text Messages Without His Phone: eyeZy Method


Few things have made infidelity easy as social media. With a few clicks and scrolls on your smartphone, you can meet someone new, get to know each other and get together in no time at all. 

All you need to get a date these days is an Internet connection. In fact, if your husband has been distant lately while spending a significant amount of time texting on his phone, odds are he might have met someone new online (and he’s on his way to starting an affair). 

But how do you know for sure? Enter eyeZy: the most reliable way to spy on someone’s text messages remotely and in stealth mode. 

eyeZy was perfectly created for folks who can’t stop Googling, “how can I find out who my husband is texting for free.” The app comes with two features that make it easy to spy on every conversation on your spouse’s phone: Social Spotlight and Keystroke Capture. 

The Social Spotlight feature gives you access to over 10 social media applications, including Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and Instagram. 

How about deleted texts? The Social Spotlight’s Screen Recorder ensures you have access to everything, including chats they’ve cleared. On the flip side, the Keylogger Capture add-on records every keystroke on your husband’s mobile phone keyboard. 

Is he sending sexually-explicit texts to multiple women? You’ll be the first to know. Even surveillance cameras can’t boast of eyeZy’s functionality!

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See Who’s Texting Your Husband: How to Install eyeZy on Your Partner’s Phone 

eyezy steps

So you know eyeZy can help you monitor your husband’s texts, but how do you get the app running on his iPhone? 

In this section, I’ll show you how to install eyeZy on your partner’s phone in four straightforward steps: 

  • Step 1. Create an Account

You’ll need an eyeZy account to use the app. Go to the spy app’s website and click on the ‘Try Now’ icon on the home page to create one. 

Enter your email, and select the device’s OS you want to monitor. Next, pick a payment plan from eyeZy’s available subscription options. 

eyeZy is budget-friendly, so don’t worry about breaking the bank to afford the application. 

  • Step 2. Open Your Email and Access Your Login Details  

Once you’ve paid for the app, you’ll receive a welcome email from eyeZy with login details to your control panel. 

  • Step 3. Log into Your Control Panel Using the Details in the Welcome Email 

Now that you’ve accessed your login details, sign in to your Control Panel using any smartphone or PC. 

  • Step 4. Follow the Setup Instructions in Your Control Panel

After accessing your Control Panel, you’ll find setup instructions to help you get the app running on your husband’s smartphone. 

Get a hold of the device, and follow eyeZy’s installation guide to the latter. 

  • Step 5. Monitor Your Husband’s Texts from Your Control Panel 

When you’ve successfully set up the app on the target cell phone, you can monitor every conversation across your husband’s SMS and social media inboxes from your dashboard. Mobile surveillance doesn’t get easier than this. 

DID YOU KNOW: 42% of Tinder users in the US are already in committed relationships. Thus, you need to install eyeZy on your partner’s smartphone ASAP to ensure he’s not cheating on you on any dating app. 

My Likes & Dislikes of the eyeZy Spy App

When it comes to being a top-notch spy app, eyeZy ticks all the right boxes. It was challenging to pick any downside on such an excellent surveillance software package. 

Regardless, here are my top pros and cons of using the eyeZy spy app: 

Over 25 available features Compatible
with jailbroken/non-jailbroken iPhones
and rooted/non-rooted
Android devicesAccess to chats
on up to 10 social media apps 
Affordable payment plans 
Stress-free installation100%
secure24/7 live customer support 
Unable to monitor more than one deviceLack of support for PC

How to See Who Your Husband Is Texting By Hacking His Password?

Woman reading texts

Accessing someone’s phone is often impossible these days, thanks to the improved security add-ons on most mobile devices. 

Passwords, face recognition, and fingerprint scanners are notable features that might make it challenging to read your husband’s social media texts or SMS.

In fact, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve spent the last few weeks scrolling through Internet search results under “how to see who my husband is texting by hacking his password.” 

If you need a password cracker, there are numerous options available, including AirCrack, RainbowCrack, Brutus Password Cracker, and Crack Station. 

These tools integrate different techniques to hack the passwords of smartphones, PCs, emails, Wi-Fi networks, and social media accounts. However, there’s no guarantee of 100% efficiency. 

Some alternatives are also quite limited as they only provide access to devices running on a particular OS. In comparison, most spy apps are often compatible across multiple operating systems. 

Furthermore, password crackers can be quite technical to use. If you’re not tech-savvy or a cybersecurity expert, you may struggle to hack your husband’s password with these tools. 

Some of these tools are free. If you’ve been searching for “how to see who’s texting my husband for free alternatives,” you can give them a try. However, they’re not my top recommendation. 

My Likes & Dislikes of Password Cracking Tools

Password crackers are great if you’re looking for a free way to hack your husband’s phone. However, they’re not the most reliable option available. Here are a couple of pros and cons related to these software tools. 

No subscription package requiredCan help recover forgotten passwords and lost social media accountsNot 100% efficientOften compatible with one operating systemSome are not functional on smartphones, only on PCsNot recommended for folks who aren’t tech-savvy

How Can You Find Out Who Your Husband Is Texting for Free?

Free spy applications aren’t very common in the mobile surveillance market, but there are several exceptions, such as the FreePhoneSpy app. 

A quick trip to the app’s website, and you’ll find that the app offers everything you’ll see on paid surveillance solutions. FreePhoneSpy has 15+ features available, including access to the target device’s SMS inbox and Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber accounts. 

The app also claims to work on any Android device, regardless of OS version. That’s a plus because most spy apps don’t work on older Android smartphones. 

Furthermore, the app’s setup process is similar to paid spy apps, with just a few tweaks and changes. For example, unlike most cell phone spy applications, you must download FreePhoneSpy to create an account. 

After downloading the app on your husband’s phone, follow the on-screen guide to create your FreePhoneSpy account. Now, you can log into your dashboard and monitor his texts. 

However, FreePhoneSpy doesn’t disappear from the app menu like paid spy apps, and you have to hide the application on your spouse’s phone manually. 

That’s not much of a downside, but there’s always a possibility that your husband might find the app while playing around with his phone one day. 

My Likes & Dislikes of FreePhoneSpy

If you’re on a budget and searching for “how to see who my husband is texting and calling for free” blog posts on the Internet, FreePhoneSpy might come as a breath of relief. 

However, how reliable is this cell phone tracker? It’s not just about being free; is the app efficient and secure enough to get the job done? 

In my experience with free spy apps, they often aren’t as trustworthy as their paid counterparts. Some don’t offer the features they claim to have, while others might not be 100% secure. 

But since they’re free, what’s the harm in trying them out, right? Regardless, it’s always advisable to opt for the paid spy apps that guarantee 100% efficiency. 

I’ve provided a list of pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about FreePhoneSpy. 

100% free15+ features, including SMS and social media monitoringCompatible with Android and iOSDoes not automatically disappear from the target device after installationNo guarantee of 100% efficiency and safetyNo specific contact information on the website (email, phone, etc.) 

Top 5 Apps to Spy on Your Husband’s Text Messages

Paid spy apps are still the most comprehensive and reliable way to spy on your husband’s texts. In this section, I’ll show you the top five spy apps to help you keep an eye on conversations on your partner’s phone. 

Here are my top picks: 



mSpy is everything you need in a spy app and more. Secure, efficient, and affordable, mSpy seeks to stand out from the rest of the crowd in the spy app industry. With this commitment, it’s no surprise that mSpy is the top choice for over 1.5 million users globally. 

Incorporating 36+ features, there’s nothing your husband does on his smartphone that’ll get past you. Upon installation, mSpy monitors everything, from text messages and phone calls to location, gallery, and calendar events. 

You’ll also have access to conversations on over ten social media apps, including Tinder, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LINE, and Hangout.

More importantly, you can spy on IM, and social media platforms are known for disappearing messages, deleted texts, and hidden chats, such as Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp. 

Also, the app is quite affordable. Instead of worrying over questions like “who is my husband texting,” you can purchase any of mSpy’s budget-friendly payment plans, install the app on his phone, and find out the truth. 

Built around the idea that knowing is always better than hoping, mSpy is your very own digital private detective!

DID YOU KNOW: One in ten adults admit to hiding messages and posts from their lovers. With so much secrecy in romantic relationships and marriages, mSpy might be your best bet at uncovering some truths about your husband. 



TheSpyBubble is an efficient spy app that gives you access to texts and conversations on your husband’s SMS inbox and social media. 

The app’s feature list isn’t as extensive as other top options, such as mSpy and eyeZy. However, it has all the important stuff you’ll need to monitor your spouse. 

Besides text and social media tracking, TheSpyBubble also helps you keep an eye on location, set geofencing alerts, and view call logs with timestamps. 

It might not be one of the high-end mobile surveillance solutions, but if your smartphone’s browser history is filled with Google search queries on “how can I link my husband’s phone to mine,” TheSpyBubble is one of the spy apps that gets the job done efficiently. 

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Mobipast New

With over 30 mobile monitoring features, MobiPast is one of the most comprehensive spy apps out there. This mobile surveillance software package gives you unrestricted access to everything on your husband’s phone, including his SMS inbox and conversations on social media. 

Offering 100% stealth monitoring (with untraceable amounts of data usage and battery life), it’s the perfect solution to your frequent queries about “how can I see my husband’s text messages without his phone.” 

With a stress-free, 3-step installation procedure in place, it’s the ideal app for those folks who aren’t so tech-savvy. 

Overall, the app does well in many departments. 



FlexiSPY claims to be “The World’s Most Powerful Monitoring Software” on its website, and a quick look at its feature list will show you why. 

This app doesn’t just help you monitor SMS and social media chats; it also offers a whole lot more, such as phone call recording (social media app calls inclusive), phone call interception, spy call, spoof SMS, environment recording, SMS device commands, and call notification alerts. 

With FlexiSPY, you can view call logs across social media platforms, remotely uninstall any software on the target smartphone, stop application installations, and remotely restart the device. 

In fact, the last time I tested the application, it had over 60 features. Even “Inspector Gadget” doesn’t offer that many services! 

Subscription plans are also quite affordable. FlexiSPY’s LTE plan costs $29.95 per month, while its Premium and Extreme payment plans cost $68 monthly and $349 for twelve months ($29/month), respectively. 

Amazingly, the software package also comes with a Worry-free Installation Service for PCs. 

Individuals who aren’t tech-savvy can resort to hiring one of FlexiSPY’s installation technicians for a remote set-up on their husband’s computer. 

Surreal, right? I know! There’s no longer any need to spend time reading all those blog posts on “how can I spy on my husband’s text messages.”


Pumpic app

Pumpic is another great spy app for Android and iOS. This spy app has the typical features, such as text messages and social media monitoring, location tracking, geofencing, and access to the target’s browsing history and gallery. 

My favorite part, though, is the seven-day free trial that gives you a taste of the app’s efficiency. Interestingly, you don’t need to provide your credit card details to use the free trial. All that’s necessary is your name, email address, and the device you’d like to monitor.

Top Apps to Spy on Husband’s Text Messages: Pricing, Features, and Compatibility 

Picking a spy app that suits your surveillance needs is often tricky. It goes beyond searching “how can I see my husband’s text messages for free” on Google and selecting the top spy apps in blog posts. 

Before engaging in a spy app, you must consider several factors, such as pricing, customer support, features, and compatibility. In this section, I’ll compare the six spy apps in this article based on these metrics to help you make the right choice. 















Social Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Invisible Shield, Pinpoint, Friendly, Installer, Files Finder, Phone Analyzer, Plans Breaker, Magic Alerts, Web Magnifier, Connection Blocker

Track Text Messages, Read Messaging Apps, Read Emails, Record Their Screen, Manage Calls, Track GPS Location, Monitor Internet, View Multimedia

Phone Call Recording, Phone Call Interception, Spy call,

Environment Recording, SMS Messages, MMS, Location Tracking, Geofencing, Browsing Activity, Browser Bookmarks, Network Connections, Application Activity, Installed Applications, Keylogger, Photos, Videos, Audio Files

Text Message Monitoring, Call Monitoring, GPS Tracker, IM Tracking, Social Media and Website Monitoring, Alerts on Prohibited Actions, SMS Commands, Email Check, Photo Monitoring, Read Contacts and Notes

SMS Monitoring, Phone Calls, Email Monitoring, Keylogger

Monitor SMS and MMS, Monitor Calls History, View Calendar, View Contacts, View Emails, View Photos, View Videos, Location Tracking, Geofences, Keylogger, Monitor WhatsApp, Monitor Skype, Monitor Facebook, Monitor Instagram, Monitor Kik, Monitor Snapchat, SMS Commands


Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Android / iOS / PCs

Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Customer Support

24/7 live chat, phone, email

24/7 live chat, phone, email

24/7 live chat, email

24/7 Customer Support


Phone, email








Check Your Spouse’s Text Messages: Free Vs. Paid Options

One common dilemma for folks who want to get a spy app is choosing between free spy apps and paid versions. Typically, free mobile surveillance solutions will appeal more because they’re cost-effective.

However, opting for a free spy app over a paid mobile tracker is often a case of sacrificing efficiency for cost. Free spy applications don’t provide the comprehensive surveillance solutions of their paid counterparts. 

Some claim to have features they don’t offer, while others don’t provide the security, remote, and stealth capabilities of paid spy apps like eyeZy. Worst-case scenario? Several mediums may not even work at all. 

Overall, rather than waste time or sacrifice the security of your husband’s smartphone by installing a free spy app that might damage his device’s software, getting a paid version is a safer bet. 

Some paid spy apps even come with money-back guarantees with promises to refund the subscription if you encounter any hitches. Others offer free trials to give you an idea of what you’ll get once you purchase the app. That way, you can be rest assured you’re not getting tricked into a scam. 


Spy apps are the most efficient way to monitor your husband’s activities on his smartphone to confirm or negate any suspicions you may have about his faithfulness. 

They’re affordable, secure, and offer stealth and remote monitoring to keep your spouse from ever finding out you’re spying on them. 

If you’re not sure which spy app to get, you can try out any of the six options in this article. I can guarantee these applications are as efficient as they come, and you’re not likely to have any regrets after purchasing them.

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