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How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

Building trust and loyalty in relationships can be a challenge for many couples. It is unfortunate that statistics show 20% of men have engaged in extramarital affairs. This may explain the increasing trend of Google queries like “how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages.”

The rise of the Internet and social media platforms has made people more secretive, hiding potentially incriminating messages from their partners. Infidelity has also become more common, with studies indicating that 35% of cheaters admit their affairs started on Facebook.

As a result, the use of spy apps to access hidden messages has become relevant. If you are interested in learning how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone, I will guide you through proven methods that can help you achieve this without much effort. Concerned about effectiveness? After multiple tests, I can assure you there is a 95% chance of accessing your boyfriend’s Facebook chats. Want to learn more? Let’s get started!

Method 1: How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Facebook Messenger App With eyeZy

Spy on Boyfriend’s Facebook Messenger With eyeZy

Spy apps have inevitably become relevant in the jet age. For example, parents are concerned about their kids’ activities on the Internet. 

Also, online dating and the rise of infidelity have made spy apps relevant. With these applications, you can tell what your boyfriend is doing on their device 24/7. Now, you have irrefutable evidence at your disposal if he’s cheating. 

Operating in 100% stealth mode, spy apps keep you in sync with texts (social media or generic text message apps) on your partner’s device.

Just think of these applications as Inspector Gadget in a virtual format!

About eyeZy

eyezy Features

eyeZy touts itself as the best phone monitoring app, and looking at its feature list, it’s easy to see why. 

Besides its parental control functions, eyeZy’s built-in add-ons are practical for spy operations. This app ranks #1 when people make queries in lines like “how can I spy on Facebook Messenger for free” and “how to hack someone’s Messenger app.” 

An app with an online reputation? Brilliant! eyeZy uncovers “behind-the-scenes” activities. It’s one of the most used spying apps which help read and disclose texts from other devices. 

For example, most parents use spy apps to check and monitor their kids’ Internet activities. Studies have shown that 75% of parents use spy apps to monitor and review the actions of their wards.

However, eyeZy’s dominance isn’t felt on parental monitoring alone. With a vast array of functions, eyeZy offers a range of world-class and user-friendly tools to help you see someone’s Facebook chats with ease. 

NOTE: Unauthorized access to someone’s Facebook Messenger might pose ethical privacy violation issues. Laws concerning privacy violations vary from one place to the other. Thus, eyeZy users must understand the legalities binding such actions before usage.

Some of the various tools and functions offered by the eyeZy to track your boyfriend’s Facebook chats without hassles include:

  • Keystroke Capture
Keystroke Capture

The Keystroke Capture add-on gets you up to speed with every keystroke made on your boyfriend’s device. It is a perfect hack tool that gives you an insight into his Facebook messages and other login details.

If you’ve been wondering how to read your boyfriend’s Facebook messages stealthily, the Keystroke Capture is for you. While this functionality might seem like one created by the gods, eyeZy made it feasible. Once your boyfriend taps his keyboard, eyeZy logs.

eyeZy’s Keystroke Capture worked seamlessly when I needed to gather evidence against my boyfriend. What set this feature out was that I got instant alerts once he typed something controversial. Brilliant!

That’s not all: eyeZy gives you information about the timeline your boyfriend curated each text. Don’t worry; these vital bits of information won’t get lost in an avalanche as eyeZy, through your dedicated Control Panel, makes them available 24/7.

So, if you want to know how to see other people’s messages on Facebook, the Keystroke Capture add-on ensures you go about this activity with relative ease.

  • Social Spotlight
Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight grants you unrestricted access to your boyfriend’s social media profiles. With this functionality, you can track his accounts on popular alternatives like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

What’s more? You can also get a hold of sent and received SMS on his device. 

With social media channels evolving, cheaters can now delete messages. Nonetheless, there’s no need to fret as eyeZy grants you access to deleted messages. So, while your boyfriend can try to cover his tracks, eyeZy uncovers them without hassles. 

If you’d like something in a video format, the Screen Recording add-on should scratch your itch. Now, you can see what’s happening on their screen in real-time. 

To show its social stance, eyeZy lets you in on your boyfriend’s calls (incoming & outgoing). You’ll find the details of these exchanges on your Control Panel.

Other eyeZy Functionalities That Make Perfect Sense for Facebook Messenger Monitoring

The Facebook Messenger tracking features don’t end with Keystroke Capture and Social Spotlight. 

As an eyeZy user, you have access to other essential features that should offer you some insight into those “how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger app” questions you have. 

  • Magic Alerts Feature
Magic Alerts Feature

The Magic Alerts feature is superb and exceptional. For those asking how to spy on someone’s Messenger for free and read someone else’s Facebook messages, Magic Alerts should come in handy.  

Magic Alerts allows you to set keywords and phrases. With this functionality, you can do other things without actively following up on their chats.

So, each time your boyfriend uses the keyword during a conversation, you will receive an alert immediately.

  • The Invisible Shield Feature
The Invisible Shield Feature

If your partner discovers you’re conducting surveillance over her private chats, that may not go well. But do you know it’s possible to eavesdrop on their conversations without them knowing? 

What facilitates this on eyeZy? The Invisible Shield. As its naming suggests, the Invisible Shield lets you spy on your boyfriend stealthily. It hides eyeZy on your partner’s cell phone. Thus, they’re unaware of your spying acts. 

Using the aforementioned features, you don’t have to make those “how to check your boyfriend’s messages without them knowing, queries anymore.

NOTE: While eyeZy works on both Android and iOS devices, functions may vary depending on the OS.

Spy on Someone’s Messenger: eyeZy iPhone Installation

There’s no doubt eyeZy ranks high in search results when “how to spy on someone’s messenger” related queries find their way to Google.

eyeZy is a proven and tested spy app that provides practical solutions to such questions.

In this section, I’ll guide you on eyeZy installation on iOS devices. You don’t have to worry as this process is straightforward. 

All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1.  Create an Account 

The first step you have to take to install the eyeZy app is creating an account. How do you do this?  Head to the official eyeZy website. Here, click the “Try Now” icon. To proceed, input your email and tap on the T&Cs checkbox. Now, click on “CONTINUE.” 

On the subsequent page, select the device you’d like to monitor. Afterward, choose a package that best suits you. Since you intend to spy on an iOS device, ensure you’re not going for the no-jailbreak version of the app.

NOTE: If you go for the no-jailbreak version of the app, you won’t have access to several eyeZy functions. However, with the jailbreak version, you can access every eyeZy iOS feature, making spying more efficient.

Step 2. Check Email Address to Confirm Your Registration

Upon registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Open it and confirm your eyeZy account.

Step 3. Enter Target’s iCloud Credentials

After confirming your eyeZy account, get the target device’s iCloud credentials. 

Now, log in to your dashboard and fill in these details.

Step 4. Ensure iCloud Data Is Synchronized

After filling in the iCloud credentials at the appropriate area, eyeZy synchronizes all the data. You can access the target’s messages after data synchronization.

Step 5. Establish Physical Contact If You Don’t Have iCloud Credentials

If you can’t get your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials, you can install eyeZy on his device. However, you must access his iOS cellphone physically to accomplish this task. 

Step 6. Commence Download

Using the on-screen instructions on eyeZy to the latter, complete the download process on the target’s device.

Step 7. Hide App

After installing the app, ensure you hide the app’s icon on your partner’s device. That way, you can seamlessly monitor their activities without them knowing.

How to Check Your Boyfriend’s Messages: eyeZy Android Installation

If you want to know how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages on his Android device with eyeZy, you’re in luck as the installation process is easy, and you should be done in less than 10 minutes. 

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Account Registration

First off, head to eyeZy’s official website. On the site’s homepage, click on “Try Now.” Now, create a unique account by filling in the necessary details.

Step 2. Confirm Your Email Address

After sign-up, you’ll receive a confirmation message from eyeZy via mail. This email contains your access details and a Control Panel link. 

Step 3. Login Into Your Account

Using the details provided to you, log into your eyeZy account. 

Step 4. Read the Detailed Installation Guide on Your Control Panel

Once logged in, head to your dedicated Control Panel. Here, you’ll see an in-depth guide on eyeZy  Android installation. 

Ensure you follow the steps as outlined by the guide.

Step 5. Establish Physical Access With the Android Device and Commence Installation

After reading the installation guide, establish contact with the target’s Android device. 

Now, following instructions embedded in the manual to the latter, install eyeZy. 

Step 6. Access Your Control Panel and Start Hacking

Upon installation on the target’s Android device, head to your Control Panel. Here, you can spy on your boyfriend’s files, texts, and Facebook chats 24/7. 

Method 2: How to See Someone’s Private Messages on Facebook for Free

If you’d like to know how to spy on someone’s private messages for free, consider FoneLab. Although this medium doesn’t come close to eyeZy in terms of comprehensiveness, I’ll recommend it regardless.

So, what is FoneLab? Available on Android and iOS devices, FoneLab is a mobile solutions software instrumental in retrieving lost data such as messages, audio, videos, and contacts. 

While the features on FoneLab aren’t quite as varied as eyeZy, this application is decent for monitoring acts. In fact, FoneLab has gotten the “seal of approval” from top tech entities like CNET, Softonic, and PCWorld.

Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages: FoneLab iPhone Installation

With FoneLab in the thick of things, you can check your boyfriend’s Facebook chats

In this section, I’ll guide you on how you can install the FoneLab app on your boyfriend’s iPhone with ease:

Step 1.  Sync the Device to FoneLab

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your boyfriend’s iPhone, open FoneLab on your computer and connect the device via a USB cable. 

Now, unlock the device if you encounter a prompt to do so. Once you’ve opened the phone, FoneLab detects the iOS smartphone and syncs automatically. 

Step 2. Scan the Device

Upon synchronization, hit the “Start Scan” button. Now, FoneLab will scan your boyfriend’s iOS phone to sieve out deleted chats, Facebook Messages inclusive. 

Once the scanning process is complete, the FoneLab app instantly makes gathered information available on the “Panel.”

Step 3. Recover Deleted Facebook Chats

After scanning, locate the Facebook deleted messages segment of the results. If you encounter any, use your PC’s hard drive to recover these texts. 

When recovery is complete, unplug the device and see every Facebook message your boyfriend deleted. 

Read Someone Else’s Facebook Messages: FoneLab Android Installation

FoneLab can help you read someone else’s Facebook messages with its built-in retrieval and data recovery functions. 

However, like other apps, installation is a must. Here are steps on how to install Fonelab on your boyfriend’s Android device:

Step 1. Download the App

The first to start using the app is to ensure that you’ve downloaded and installed the FoneLab program onto your computer. Once you’ve done that, choose Android Data recovery.

Step 2. Connect the Target’s Android Device to the Computer Via USB

After installing FoneLab on your computer, use a USB cable to connect the target’s Android device. 

Now, allow the device to share files with the computer. This connection is vital as it helps FoneLab scan your boyfriend’s device data. 

Step 3. Choose Your File and Recover Data

Once the scanning process is complete, head into the program’s interface and preview the target’s data. Now, you can start recovering their multimedia, contacts, chats, messages, and other data.

Top 3 Alternative Apps to Hack Into Someone’s Messenger

Besides eyeZy, it’s pertinent to note that other spy apps are stepping up the anté to give users an insight to hack into someone’s Messenger with relative ease. 

While I’ve used several spy applications, here are my top three alternatives: 


mSpy Facebook Tracking

When we’re talking about spy applications that dictate the pace, mSpy comes into the conversation. With over 1.5 million customers worldwide, this Facebook spy chat Messenger app prides itself as one of the most comprehensive spyware. 

That’s not all: mSpy takes spying to a whole new level by integrating 36+ monitoring-related functions. Talk about a spy app that has all its bases covered!

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, mSpy keeps you in the loop of all your boyfriend’s Facebook messages. 

If you think Facebook Messenger is the hotspot for his cheating activities, mSpy gives you unrestricted access to every chat on their timeline. Also, you can check the timelines these conversations took place.

With cost-effective plans, getting started on mSpy isn’t a strenuous activity as you should be done in less than 5 minutes.



TheSpyBubble is the jack of all spying trades. Using TheSpyBubble, you can trawl every message (received and sent) on your partner’s device. 

Operating in 100% stealth mode, TheSpyBubble gives you access to texts your boyfriend exchanges via SMS and popular social media channels like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. 

So, while your boyfriend might hide incriminating chats from you, TheSpyBubble brings everything he does to light. Now, you can confront them with rock-solid facts they can’t deny. 

How about installation? Installing TheSpyBubble doesn’t require a hacking degree, as you can get this process all sorted in minutes. If you encounter any issues, TheSpyBubble has 24/7 support on standby.


Mobipast New

MobiPast tags itself as the “cleverest spy app in the world that yields powerful results for everyone.” While most people might see this claim as a tad bit extra, a glance at MobiPast’s features should see you nodding your head in affirmation. 

Available on Android and iOS devices, MobiPast grants you a decent array of features (30+ to be exact). With MobiPast, you can stealthily track your boyfriend’s Facebook messages. 

That’s not all: This spy app also fields a Keylogger, meaning that you can see every keystroke he makes on his device. Now, you’re in the know before he even starts to cheat.

FeaturesSocial Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Invisible Shield, Pinpoint, Friendly, Installer, Files Finder, Phone Analyzer, Plans Breaker, Magic Alerts, Web Magnifier, Connection BlockerTrack Text Messages, Read Messaging Apps, Read Emails, Record Their Screen, Manage Calls, Track GPS Location, Monitor Internet, View Multimedia Text Message Monitoring, Call Monitoring, GPS Tracker, IM Tracking, Social Media and Website Monitoring, Alerts on Prohibited Actions, SMS Commands, Email Check, Photo Monitoring, Read Contacts and NotesUndetectable, SMS Monitoring, Phone Calls, Email Monitoring, Keylogger
CompatibilityAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOS
Customer Support24/7 live chat, phone, email24/7 live chat, phone, email24/7 customer supportEmail

Best Spy Apps for Monitoring Facebook Messages: FAQ

Are Spy Apps Legal?

You can only use spy applications legally as a parent monitoring a minor (not up to 18 years old). Once an individual is 18 years or older, you must seek their permission.

Can I Install Spyware Without Touching the Device?

You can only install spy applications remotely on an iOS device. Here, you’ll need the target’s iCloud logins to sync the device and spyware. 

However, it’s vital to note that if the target device has 2-factor authentication active, physical access is required to execute the installation.

Do All Spy Apps Work in 100% Stealth Mode?

Not all. While there are tons of spy apps on the market, only paid options like TheSpyBubble, mSpy, and eyeZy offer 100% stealth mode. 

With this add-on, you can monitor your boyfriend’s iOS or Android smartphone without them knowing. Upon installation, the app thumbnail instantly disappears. 

Are Spy Apps Expensive?

Despite integrating a decent listing of features, the best spy applications feature cost-effective subscriptions.

If you intend to engage a spy app, ensure it tallies your finances. With eyeZy and mSpy fielding budget-friendly subscription plans, you can access top-tier monitoring add-ons without breaking the bank.


Trust is a crucial element in relationships, but nowadays, many people betray their partners without hesitation. As a result, it has become common for individuals with suspicious spouses to resort to spy apps like eyeZy.

These applications help uncover the underlying reasons behind behavioral changes. For instance, eyeZy can assist in determining if your boyfriend is cheating on you through social media platforms like Facebook. I have provided you with proven methods to catch your boyfriend in the act and confront him with solid evidence.

While I personally prefer eyeZy for its futuristic and comprehensive features, I also recommend alternative options such as MobiPast, mSpy, and TheSpyBubble to support you in your monitoring efforts.

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  1. I just used eyeZy, and I’m so glad I did! I checked my boyfriend’s Facebook messages and finally had peace of mind. He wasn’t cheating on me, but this app showed me that I can trust him. Highly recommend!

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