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Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing On All Devices

Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing On All Devices

We reside in a digital era that constantly evolves. Fields such as medicine, education, and communication have made tremendous advancements thanks to the profound impact of the Internet and its applications. In today’s world, the possibilities with your Internet-enabled device are endless.below some of the best discreet location tracking programs on the market.

Location tracking serves as a digital solution for specific concerns. One area where this feature is widely utilized is workforce management, as employers need to monitor their employees’ whereabouts during working hours.

Apart from its corporate application, location tracking can also be used discreetly to keep an eye on someone’s movements, especially if you suspect they are visiting suspicious places. With studies suggesting that 30 to 40% of Americans engage in infidelity, individuals now seek insights into their partners’ whereabouts at certain times.

However, if you wish to learn how to check someone’s location, wouldn’t it be preferable to use an accessible and user-friendly tool? If your answer is yes, there’s no need to worry, as we have highlighted a solution for you.

How to Locate Someone With eyeZy

cell phone tracker

eyeZy is one of the most effective spy applications on the Internet. Its got some of the top tracking features you can expect from modern spyware. Unlike some spy applications, eyeZy can track someone’s location remotely.

The Pinpoint feature allows you to view someone’s location in real-time and get alerts when they cross a specific point on the map. 

Also, the application can access caller ID information, which ties in with location tracking to give you a more accurate report on someone’s movements. Below are the quick steps you can take to install and set up eyeZy on a target device:

Step 1: Subscription and Download

eyezy create account

First off, you’d have to visit the official eyeZy website or download the app to get registered with the service. Your newly created account would host your remote control panel and subscription status. 

Step 2: Device Configuration

eyezy device

Upon successful registration, you should see a set-up wizard page on the next screen. This add-on allows you to configure the cellphone you wish to track. You’d have to provide the technical details to the target device such as model, OS platform, and so on.

NOTE: eyeZy only supports full location tracking on smartphones running the Android OS. It’s currently looking to extend the feature to iOS devices with subsequent updates

Step 3: Installation

eyezy installation

The next step is to install the eyeZy app on the target device after setting it up on the wizard page. For that, you’ll need physical access to the person’s phone for a short period.

Once you’re with their device, it’s time to kick-start the installation process. Fortunately, eyeZy’s installation takes a few minutes, and it grants you access to the target’s location data afterward.

Step 4: Start Monitoring!

eyezy demo location

Once you’ve completed the installation process on the target device, it’s time to log in to your eyeZy control panel. This segment grants you unfettered access to the data available on someone’s smartphone. 

Now, you can see someone’s whereabouts in real-time and get instant alerts when they enter areas you’ve tagged dangerous.


eyeZy compatibility

eyeZy is currently only available for Android and iOS. Thus, you don’t have to worry as most smartphones run either of the two operating systems. 

However, we should note that you can only get all eyeZy’s premium features on Android. While this might bring about hushed conversations amongst intending patrons, eyeZy is working on porting more functions onto iOS devices in future updates. 

Those seeking guides on how to find someone’s location by phone models must note that they’ll need to jailbreak or root the person’s phone for eyeZy to install and work properly. 


eyezy pricing

eyeZy has a combined Android and iOS package that starts at $47.99/month. If you wish to pay for a 3-month package, it would cost you $27.99. eyeZy also has a 12-month plan that goes for $9.99 per month.

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number Using Detectico


Spy apps often come in packages that allow users to figure out how to track someone’s location with phone number and other kinds of smartphone data. 

Spyware also holds much value for those who want to try out their extensive monitoring functions. However, it might not be as economical for others who only need to track someone’s location.

If you’re scouring the Internet for a location tracking solution, look no further than Detectico. It’s one of the best-dedicated location tracking spyware in its class and offers excellent value. 

With Detectico, you can track someone’s phone location even if it’s inactive. Thanks to its SIM location tracking feature, there’s no need to worry if the device goes off. Below are the simple steps you could take to use Detectico:

Step 1: Subscription

Detectico login

Visit the official Detectico platform and create an account. When completed, log into your newly created account and check the Detectico pricing plans. Now, pick the one that suits you and proceed to the payment page with your valid billing information.

Step 2: Phone Number Input

Detectico phone number

You’d find a search bar at the top part of the homepage. If you’d like to figure out how to get someone’s location, input the target device’s phone number in the field provided. 

Also, Detectico requires you to provide a “tracking text” in a separate box. 

Step 3: Create a Distinctive Tracking Link

Detectico text generation

Next, Detectico generates a tracking link that you can send to the provided phone number. At this point, the “tracking text” comes in handy, as it disguises the tracking link as a regular text. This add-on improves the chances of the target clicking and opening the link. 

Step 4: Commence Monitoring

Detectico location tracking

Once the tracking link and text get sent to the target device, all you have to do is wait. Immediately the target opens the link; you’d get real-time data on their location and position. 

Detectico integrates advanced GPS technology to secure coordinates, which is good news for anyone looking for a comprehensive guide on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number.

That said, remember you’ll have to log in to your account for timely location updates. 

Detectico allows you to automate notifications. Thus, you’ll receive instant alerts when the target gets to specific points within a map.


Detectico compatibility

Detectico is a web-based service. This attribute makes it compatible with any device that can run a web browser. 

You can use Detectico seamlessly on Android and iPhones

What’s more?

This monitoring service is compliant with SIM tracking and supports most service providers globally.


Detectico has a flat rate of £39.80 per month for each account you have. However, the service offers a trial package that you can get for a £0.69 one-time fee.

Video Tutorial: How Does Detectico Work

How to Track A Phone Without Them Knowing With mSpy


There’s hardly any monitoring app discussion you’d have without mentioning mSpy. mSpy is famous due to its robust and functional spy features.

The regular mSpy package offers premium device tracking, targeting major data entry points like calls, texts, and third-party social media applications installed on the phone. 

mSpy also has GPS and location tracking features that allow you to detect someone’s whereabouts in 100% stealth mode. Most of the functions are automated, so you can get alerts and notifications when someone moves into a specific area you’ve preset on the map. 

Overall, mSpy’s stealthy footprint and quick operations make it suitable to get evidence from someone as you track their phone without them knowing. 

Below are the quick steps you can take to install mSpy and start monitoring someone’s location in real-time:

Step 1: Subscription and Purchase

mspy create account

To get started with mSpy, visit their official website and check out their pricing plans. When you seek out the package that suits your needs, purchase it. 

Now, you should see a billing page where you’d have to provide a valid payment option along with your email and contact details. Upon payment confirmation, you’ll receive an email containing a link to your control panel.

Step 2: Installation and Set-up

mspy setup

You’d find the link to your control panel as well as an installation guide in the email sent to you after subscription. 

Now, all you have to do is log in to your mSpy control panel and follow the onscreen prompts afterward.

If you’d like an installation and set-up guide that’s more extensive, go through this VIDEO.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

mspy demo

When you complete the installation process, you can access someone’s location data whenever you want. The Control Panel is web-based. Thus, you can log in remotely using a browser. 


mspy compatibility

mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS devices. For the best results, ensure that the target device’s version is more recent than Android 4.0 or iOS 6.0. 

It’s pertinent to note that while you’ll immediately have access to some premium mSpy add-ons, the GPS location feature requires root access for Android devices and jailbreak for iPhones.


mspy pricing

mSpy premium subscription costs $48.99 for the monthly plan and $27.99 monthly for the quarterly package. If you’d prefer a long-term subscription, you could pick the yearly or 12-month mSpy plan that costs $11.66 monthly. 

Are There Valid Reasons to Track Someone’s Location?

Monitoring someone’s location stealthily requires technical tools like spyware. While some are dedicated location trackers, others come in larger packages that enable you to trawl more data from the target device.

But why would you want to know how to get someone’s address and location without their knowledge? On the surface, people may find it controversial or unethical to track other people’s whereabouts.

However, some legitimate and helpful reasons exist for monitoring other people’s phones. They include:

  • Parental Control

An excellent case for location tracking is a parent who needs to know where their kids are at specific points in the day. While you could say that they could call the children to know their whereabouts, this medium might prove disruptive. 

Thus, covert location tracking is the right way to go if you’re a parent frantically looking to know how to check someone down. 

With spyware, you can see their ward’s whereabouts without being obtrusive.

  • Employee Management

Employers are prime examples of those that could use location spying without guilt. Spy apps let them know where and when their employees are on the field. 

Tracking staff ensures better productivity and profit over time. Also, learning how to locate someone on a central tracking system is much more convenient than physically asking the workers to give location reports.

NOTE: Most legal jurisdictions mandate that you can only track someone’s location after obtaining their consent. Therefore, it’s best to inform workers before installing spyware applications on their work phones. 

  • Cases of Infidelity

Infidelity in relationships is challenging. While you’ll feel betrayed, it gets worse when you don’t have evidence to confront your cheating partner. Most times, unfaithful partners do all they can to conceal their escapade. 

Thus, the only logical way you can get any meaningful clue is to spy on them. 

A spyware application allows you to retrieve any cheating evidence from your partner’s smartphone. However, according to US law, you’ll need to get their consent before installing spyware on their device. 

We’d imagine that wouldn’t be a problem, as you can trick them into consenting. That said, since stealthy spy applications exist, tracking a cheating partner and confronting them with rock-solid evidence is feasible.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made the decision to learn how to track someone discreetly, it’s crucial to select the appropriate spy app for the job. With numerous options available, each offering different tracking features, it can be overwhelming for potential buyers.

To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the top spyware for location tracking that can be downloaded today. This list includes a dedicated location tracker that is compatible with any phone worldwide. Each of these alternatives provides real-time location tracking capabilities.

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