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Top 3 Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software for Free & Fast

Top 3 Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software for Free & Fast

Text messages are a vital means of communication for several people worldwide. Mobile phone users in the US sent over 2 trillion text messages in 2020 alone

With so many people depending on SMS for personal communication, you could find several intimate details about someone’s life by snooping through their texts. Little wonder people in relationships are always trying to take a peek at their partner’s phone. 

However, getting access to a person’s texts can be challenging. Trust me, I know. People don’t leave their phones lying around for you to go through their SMS inbox. 

That said, would you believe me if I said I had 3 ways to read someone’s text messages without installing software for free and fast? 

After watching my girlfriend cheat on me and lie about it, I finally found a way to access her text messages and get the proof I needed to end the relationship. 

Curious already? Dive into the next section to find out how to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone for free. Trust me, I’ve tried these methods, and I can tell you there’s a 95% chance of reading your spouse’s text without getting caught

How to Get Text Messages From Another Phone Sent to Mine With Spy Apps?

Here’s one thing I can tell you after scouring the internet searching for ways to hack someone’s text messages without installing software: there’s no mobile surveillance solution quite as efficient as spy apps. 

Spy apps enable you to read your child, employee, or lover’s texts without having direct access to their smartphone. 

Yes, you read that right. With smartphone spy apps, there’s no need to go through all that unnecessary hassle of getting your wife’s phone while she’s in the bathroom. 

You can have every text message she sends sent to a personalized dashboard and read them from any browser on your PC and smartphone. Amazing, right? I know! 

That said, finding the right spy app can be a chore. There are tons of these software packages, but some are phony tools developed by tricksters to rip folks off their money. 

However, I can recommend one spy app for you: eyeZy. 

eyeZy is one of the few top-notch spy apps with the best features to read your cheating spouse’s text messages for free. 

The best part? The app works in 100% stealth mode by disappearing from your girlfriend’s phone immediately after installing it. As a result, she’ll have no clue you’re keeping an eye on her. 

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Who needs a private investigator when you’ve got eyeZy?

How to Install eyeZy on Your Spouse’s Smartphone: A Step-By-Step Guide

I know folks who aren’t that “techy” are probably concerned about how easy it is to set up and use eyeZy. Thankfully, the app’s installation is stress-free, and spying on your wife’s texts with it is even easier. 

That said, I’ve put together an eyeZy Installation guide to help you get the app running on your girlfriend’s smartphone. Here’s the set-up process: 

eyezy 3 easy steps

Step 1. Purchase the Subscription 

eyeZy works with a subscription plan, but don’t worry; the payment plans are pretty affordable, and you won’t have to go beyond your budget to pay for the app. 

To get an eyeZy subscription, go to the app’s website and create an account using your email. Then, select the device’s OS you want to hack and go through the payment packages available. 

eyeZy has many subscription plans, including a one-month, three-month, and twelve-month package. Depending on your budget, you can opt for any of these plans. 

Did You Know: In a survey by Trustify, 55% of men and 50% of women surveyed admitted to cheating. According to Rachael Pace, this statistic means that one person out of every two married couples you know is cheating on their spouse. Do you still think you shouldn’t install a spy app on your spouse’s phone to keep an eye on his activities?

Step 2. Install the App 

After paying for eyeZy, you’ll receive a welcome email with an installation guide to help you log in to your control panel and set up the app on the target Android or iOS device. 

As I said earlier, installing the app isn’t stressful, and you should have everything set up in about five minutes. However, if you’re trying to spy on an iPhone, you won’t need to install eyeZy on the device. 

With the phone’s iCloud credentials, you can sync the app to the device and read all sent and received texts on your control panel. Talk about convenience! 

However, you’ll have to ensure the iOS device has two-factor authentication disabled. 

Step 3. Track Messages on Someone Else’s Phone 

Once you’ve successfully installed the app or synced it to the device, you’re pretty much good to go. You can read every text sent and received on the target device from your control panel, and in stealth mode too! 

By the way, did I mention that with eyeZy, you can also read texts that your child has deleted from their phone? Yes, you can. eyeZy gives you access to messages that are no longer on the target smartphone, meaning nothing your kid does will ever sneak past you again. 

Not to mention the bonus fact that you can also monitor their social media inboxes. The app is just about everything. 

eyeZy Features to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone for Free

How does eyeZy pull off the text message spy without access to the phone? Well, the app comes with two comprehensive features that enable it to keep track of text messages on any smartphone: Social Spotlight and a Keylogger. 

eyeZy Features

Social Spotlight is how eyeZy monitors all your husband’s SMS, email, and social media chats. The app records every text they send or receive on their device, including those they may have deleted. 

You can even take a sneak peek at the contact they’re chatting with to find out who the person is. I particularly like the vast number of social media apps that are part of the Social Spotlight feature. 

With eyeZy, you can spy on your husband’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Tinder, LINE, Hangout, Skype, and Snapchat.

This comprehensive list of social media applications means you can monitor him everywhere. There’s literally nowhere he can hide stuff from you. 

How about the keylogger feature? Well, eyeZy’s keylogger helps you record keystrokes on your child’s or lover’s phone. So whenever they’re sending texts, you have access to everything they’re typing. 

If your husband is cheating or your son is into something illegal, you’ll know immediately. 

If you’ve been looking for how to track text messages on someone else’s phone for free, your search is over; eyeZy is the ultimate mobile surveillance application. It’s your very own smartphone, private detective! 

eyeZy’s Alternatives to Hack Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software

eyeZy isn’t the only top-drawer spy app out there. There are several other alternatives you can try out if eyeZy doesn’t offer what you want. 

Here are some of them: 


mSpy app

mSpy is another excellent parental control app that solves the puzzle of how to intercept text messages from another phone without installing software for free. The app is so good that it’s the preferred spyware for 1.5 million people worldwide. 

It has over 30 features to enable you to keep an eye on your wife, including a keylogger, screen recorder, and text message tracker. With the app’s text message tracker, you can read all sent, received, and deleted texts on the target smartphone, including those on social media. 

mSpy also has a comprehensive list of social media apps you can monitor, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik Tinder, Snapchat, Skype, and Instagram. 

The screen recorder helps you take screenshots of the conversations across these apps and saves them in your control panel. You can even take a look at contact information across the various chats. 

So if you’d like to confront your husband’s lover, you now have the phone number to do so. If you’ve been looking for how to text someone anonymously, mSpy provides the perfect solution. 

Are you also worried that your child may be a victim of cyberbullying or sexual predation online? You can monitor his social media accounts with mSpy and take measures to ensure they’re safe. 

Furthermore, mSpy’s keylogger feature records the keystrokes on your girlfriend’s phone whenever she’s typing. So if she’s sending sexually-explicit messages to anyone, you’ll be the first to know. 

Did You Know: 50% of kids have been victims of at least one form of cyberbullying in their lifetime. Installing a spy app on your son’s phone could be the number one preventive measure you could take to keep him safe online. 


Hoverwatch is an affordable and efficient spy app for Android, Mac, and Windows devices. It has a text message tracker alongside some other handy features. 

Hoverwatch app

With Hoverwatch, you have access to SMS on the target phone alongside messages on over 18 social media applications, including Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Imo, WeChat, Facebook, Telegram, BBM, TextMe, WhatsApp, and Tumblr. Thus, your boyfriend can’t hide his affair anymore.

The app also has an Android Screenshot feature that helps you capture conversations on the target device and have access to them through photographs in your Control Panel. 

However, what I love most about Hoverwatch is that it allows you to spy on as many as 25 devices. So if your husband has more than one smartphone, you can monitor all of them. 

Also, if your spouse has a hidden sim card you don’t know about, Hoverwatch’s SIM Card Replacement feature will let you know whenever he changes his SIM card on his smartphone to the secret one. Nothing gets past this spy app, does it? 

With Hoverwatch, your days of running Google search queries of “how to get text messages from another phone sent to mine” are over. 


TheSpyBubble is a jack of all spying trades. This spy app focuses on being a minimalist mobile surveillance solution. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a spy app, including an SMS and social media tracker. 


TheSpyBubble gives you access to all texts on your child’s SMS inbox alongside their conversations on Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Compatibility is where TheSpyBubble aims to stand out from every other spy app in this article. 

While some mobile surveillance and parental guidance applications aren’t compatible with older versions of the Android and iOS operating system, TheSpyBubble works on all Android devices running on Android 4.0 and higher and iOS smartphones running on iOS 6 and above.

As such, even if your husband uses an older device, you can still keep an eye on him with this spy app. 

SMS Spy Without Access to Target Phone Free Trial & Further Pricing 

One great thing about top spy apps is that most of them offer free trials to give you a taste of their features. 

Every spy in this article has either a demo version or a free trial (or both) you can try out to decide if it’s the right one for you. So if you’ve been looking for an SMS spy app without access to the target phone free trial, these apps are just what you need. 

Their subscription plans are also quite budget-friendly. That said, I know you might be confused about which spy app to purchase, so I’ve made a comparison table to help you out:

FeaturesSocial Spotlight, Keylogger, GPS Tracking, Geofencing, Keyword Tracking, Web Magnifier, Invisible Shield, Connection Blocker Phone Calls, Text Messages, GPS Tracking, App Control, Screen Record, Gallery, Social Media, Website Activities, Emails, Calendar, and ContactsRecord Calls, Track Calls, Stealth Mode, Phone Internet History, Track Social Media Messages, WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Viber Spy, Track Location, Track Camera, Save All the Contacts, Detect Sim Card Change, Track To-Do ListCall Monitoring, SMS Commands, Social Media and Website Monitoring, IM Tracking, Text Message Monitoring, GPS tracker, Control Panel, Blocking Apps, Photo Monitoring, YouTube Monitoring, and Email Check, Alerts on Prohibited Actions, Read Contacts and Notes
CompatibilityiOS / Android iOS / AndroidAndroid / Mac / WindowsiOS / Android
Customer Support24/7 live chat, phone, and email24/7 live chat, phone, and emailEmail (24-48 hours response) 24/7 Customer Support
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Way 2. Brute Force Attack: Text Message Spy Without Access to Phone    

If you’ve been on the Internet looking for ways to monitor someone’s texts, you may have come across this method already. 

A quick disclaimer, though: it’s not a reliable way to hack someone’s SMS inbox. Typically, it involves using a Brute-Force technology to unlock your wife’s phone and read her texts. 

However, you’ll need to gain access to the phone when she’s not with it, making this method quite risky. The chances of success are also relatively low since the Brute-Force technology requires password guesses.

Furthermore, since you can only use this medium with physical access to the target smartphone, you’ll have limited time to pull off the hack and peruse her SMS inbox. To be fair, there are too many risks associated with this method and little guarantee of success. 

However, if you’d rather not install a spy app on your boyfriend’s phone, you can monitor his texts this way. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who craves 100% effectiveness.

Way 3. Intercept Text Messages from Another Phone With Message Peeping Tom 

Contrary to what you’ll find on the Internet, Message Peeping Tom isn’t a spy app and won’t give you access to texts on another cell phone. 

The app only allows you to read messages from all your social media accounts on your phone without the sender(s) knowing you’ve read them. While this feature makes the app handy to have for periods when you’re not in the mood for a conversation, it’s still not valuable to you as a spy app. 

As such, you should avoid any information on the Internet that tells you to download this app to spy on anyone’s conversations. 

As a quick heads up, you should also ignore any apps or websites that require you to enter a cell number to read texts for free without installing it on the target phone. 

Most of these websites belong to cybercriminals who defraud unsuspecting folks of their money. Spy apps are the most reliable way to monitor any smartphone remotely and in Stealth Mode. 

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Can I Monitor a Smartphone Without Installing a Spy App? 

No, you can’t spy on someone’s phone and read their texts without a spy app. In my experience, spy apps are the most effective solution to helping you keep an eye on someone’s device. 

Virtually every other method on the Internet that claims to give you access to someone’s phone without an app installed on the device is unreliable. Some might even end up wasting your money. As such, you should avoid such techniques.

If you’re worried about the security of spy apps on the target phone, let me quickly reassure you that these apps are 100% safe. Your girlfriend also won’t know you’re tracking her, as spy apps work entirely in Stealth Mode. 

Do Free Spy Apps Exist? 

Yes, there are one or two entirely free spy apps. However, they’re not as comprehensive as their paid counterparts. These offerings might lack some crucial features that help you keep track of all your daughter’s smartphone activity.

While you might worry about the cost-effectiveness of paid spy apps, they’re pretty budget-friendly. In fact, some alternatives feature numerous subscription plans tailored to fit your finances. 

Also, some of these apps have free trials that give you a taste of their features. Many of them even promise money-back guarantees if you don’t get value for your money. 

Can You Track Someone’s Smartphone Without Them Knowing? 

Yes, spy apps disappear from the target device immediately after installing them, giving you 100% remote monitoring. You can read all the texts from your spouse’s device from your dedicated Control Panel on any browser on your mobile phone or PC. 

Every spyware in this article works this way. Thus, whether you pick eyeZy, mSpy, or Hoverwatch, your partner won’t know you installed spyware on their phone, and you’re monitoring them. 

How Do I Pick the Best Cell Phone Spy App?

There are tons of mobile phone spy apps on the internet, and it can be challenging to pick the right option for you, especially if you’re new to mobile surveillance technology. 

That said, the first factor you should consider when choosing a spy app is the features. What do you want to monitor on the target device? Does the spy app have the features you need? Can the app give you complete access to the entire smartphone? 

The features of a spy app determine what you can gain access to. As such, picking an app that doesn’t have the capabilities you’re looking for is a waste of money. 

Also, while you should search for apps with the specific feature you want to monitor, you may want to consider other capabilities related to the target device. 

For example, if you want to spy on your husband’s text messages, pick an app with SMS monitoring alongside social media tracking. This way, you have access to his SMS and social media inboxes, in case the evidence you’re looking for isn’t in his cell phone text history. 


I know you’re probably wondering which spy app in this article is the ideal option for you. I’d recommend you make your choice based on your precise spying needs and budget. 

All the spy apps I reviewed are top-drawer, with eyeZy leading the charge. So, regardless of what you pick, you’re sure to get mobile phone surveillance at its best. 

These apps should help you keep an eye on your child to ensure they’re not exposing themselves to Internet vices or getting into anything illegal. 

If you’re suspicious of your husband’s frequent late nights at the office, you can go through his texts with any of these spy applications to find out if he’s working or seeing someone else. As I said earlier, it’s your very own mobile private detective.

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