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5 Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages for Free & Remotely

5 Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages for Free & Remotely

Although social media channels seek to revamp the communication sector, sending messages via SMS has become a constant. According to a recent study, 5 billion people exchange SMS globally. With world population values exceeding 7 billion, over 65% adopt SMS usage daily. Staggering!

Text messages are just for spreading vital information, right? Not quite. While the idea surrounding this form of communication might be positive, more people are now using text messages to strengthen illicit relationships.

With this in view, it’s normal to seek an application that can seamlessly get messages from someone’s phone. At this juncture, you might want to insert a “how to read someone else’s text messages from your phone for free” query in Google’s search box. 

If you perform this act, there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, I found myself engaging various search engines when I realized my boyfriend cheated on me with a girl from his alma mater. Distraught at first, I wanted to get rock-solid facts to end the relationship on my terms.

During my search, I came across several alternatives that guaranteed results. Since these mediums claimed a 100% success rate, I tried them out. 

Using these options, I can boldly say that they came through when reading texts from another cell phone. If I had to give a definite percentage on each, it’d be a solid 95%. Thus, I’ll recommend them.

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Here are the alternatives that make the cut:

#1 mSpy: Read Text Messages From Another Device Without Them Knowing

According to Android Authority, mSpy is an app built on the idea that knowing is better than hoping. I’m a staunch believer of this phrase as mSpy trumps the competition by fielding over 36 features. Besides being one of the most comprehensive spy applications on the Internet, mSpy has created an impression in patrons’ hearts as it’s supported in over 180 countries globally, with emphasis placed on Android and iOS devices.

Read Text Messages with mSpy

Using the mSpy app for the first time doesn’t require a detailed guide from a tech-savvy person. To begin app usage, all you need to do is create an account, select a subscription that suits your finances, and proceed with installation on the target’s device. Easy-peasy!

If you’d like to know how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing, mSpy should be your go-to alternative. With mSpy at the thick of things, you can see who a target’s texting, complete with their phone numbers. This add-on grants you the luxury of a background check on the person they’re texting. Now, adopting a monitoring technique reminiscent of “Inspector Gadget” is possible.

mSpy claims it’s “more powerful than you think,” and I agree. Since SMS messaging has become more intuitive, allowing image insertion, mSpy gives you a birds-eye view of the images on every message. 

Thanks to this nifty add-on, you can ensure your ward isn’t sending or receiving messages that field indecent pictures and GIFs. Besides SMS texts, mSpy goes the extra mile to retrieve messages from users’ social media profiles, including Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, and lots more. 

Encountered a clog while using mSpy? You don’t have to worry as this spyware has a dedicated 24/7 support channel. Regardless of how technical your issues are, be rest assured of a detailed solution. 

NOTE: mSpy’s phone support channel ranks as one of the most extensive when it comes to spying apps. With distinctive lines available for the United States, Brazil, France, Turkey, Mexico, and Italy, it’s easy to see why they’re among the elite when it comes to text message monitoring.

#2 eyeZy: Hack Text Messages Without Access to the User’s Phone

eyeZy debuts a pretty interesting naming scheme. But what makes this spy application more intriguing is its claim of being “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet.” Although I let out a laugh once I came across this mantra, a look at its features got me straight-faced. Besides mSpy, eyeZy comes in a close second due to its long list of add-ons. Extensive!

Hack Text Messages with eyeZy

Unlike most spy apps on the Internet, eyeZy adopts a futuristic stance. Thus, they’ve gone ahead to give their features some exciting names. Since I intended to spy on text messages only, I’ll give credence to two top-notch add-ons – Social Spotlight and Keystroke Capture. 

With Social Spotlight active, you can see what texts the target is exchanging 24/7. That said, since this is an era where smartness reigns supreme, your spouse or ward can decide to delete their messages. Thus, it’s a relief to note that eyeZy can retrieve deleted messages from someone’s phone. Additionally, eyeZy gets you in the loop with the timeframes in which texts were sent and received. 

Like the name “Social Spotlight” connotes, eyeZy gives you access to messages exchanged on revered social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, and others.

Are you curious to see what text the user is curating in real-time? The Keystroke Capture addition should come in handy here. You can see every keystroke they make while texting by engaging this feature. Now, you can confront your employee as soon as they spill vital information about your budding start-up.

Available on Android and iOS cell phones, eyeZy’s Friendly Installer makes this spy app easy to install for first-timers. If you need help during this procedure, eyeZy resonates care all around with 24/7 support channels available. Talk about ease from start to finish!

NOTE: To see if the target’s phone is compatible with your monitoring aspirations, eyeZy fields a unique “Check Compatibility” segment at the tail end of its site. Here, all you need to do is enter the device model and tap on the icon below to see if eyeZy supports it.

#3 TheSpyBubble: Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Having Their Phone For Free

Although I’d say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the naming scheme – TheSpyBubble – this spyware is decent for anyone interested in getting rock-solid details on what their kid, employee, or partner does without them having an idea. If you’d like to spy on text messages in 100% stealth mode, it might be time to set a course for TheSpyBubble. 


Although I can’t say TheSpyBubble compares to other alternatives that I’ve listed, it has earned its stripes for being a decent spy app with top monitoring attributes. With TheSpyBubble, it doesn’t matter if the target uses an Android or iOS smartphone; trawling vital data 24/7 is an increased possibility. 

Debuting 25+ features, I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the text message tracking functionality. Thankfully, installing TheSpyBubble doesn’t require a degree in ethical hacking, and I could kick-start monitoring immediately. Phew!

Once you’ve gone through the installation process, you can now see what text messages the target exchanges at varying intervals. If you want to ignite the detective mojo inside you, this spyware grants you access to the timestamps of these chats. 

Sieving out deleted texts might sound like an endeavor made possible by a Hogwarts student, right? Not quite. TheSpyBubble allows you to actualize this purported stunt hands-free. So, did your partner delete that spicy message she sent to her lover? Retrieval is possible with TheSpyBubble.
With the functionalities mentioned above, I’d have to agree with Huffpost’s description of TheSpyBubble – a jack of all spying trades!

NOTE: TheSpyBubble is amongst spy applications that seek to deliver an inclusive spying experience for their patrons globally with a multilingual platform. Tailored to suit what tickles your fancy, TheSpyBubble is available in English, Spanish, French, Turkish, and Italian.

#4 XNSPY: Read Someone Else’s Text Messages From Your Phone for Free

While searching for a spy app that could sieve out the text messages from my boyfriend’s smartphone without breaking a sweat, I came across XNSPY. With upper case letters making up its naming, I concluded that this spy application didn’t come to the fore to slouch. By making XNSPY your spyware medium, you’re confident of one thing – extensivity. 


While the advent of technology has washed away a ton of attributes that were peculiar to smartphones back in the day, one functionality still exists across all devices – text messaging. From XNSPY’s feature listing, it’s clear that this spy app seeks to answer the “how to see someone’s text messages” query in a way that reeks of comprehensiveness in all ramifications. 

With XNSPY, you can remotely see text messages exchanged on the user’s device. That said, if they have the contact information of the person they’re constantly texting, you can see them from your unique dashboard. Talk about a spy application that allows you to control the situation before things go haywire.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, XNSPY means business. To buttress this point, they’ve made it possible for you to set alerts when several keywords and contacts pop up in the target’s inbox. This add-on makes a whole lot of sense as it saves you the stress of going through many messages to sift out a suspicious variation. Here, I might have to pluck a feather from my favorite Peacock and add it to XNSPY’s hat. They’re deserving!

Once you’ve entered a subscription package, you have access to a dashboard. On this clutter-free layout, you can view messages from the target’s smartphone in conversation or list mode. If you’re on the lookout for spyware offering clarity and convenience at once, you’ll be doing yourself a great deal by placing XNSPY at the top of your bucket list. 

Whether the user has an Android or iOS device, XNSPY makes spying reminiscent of a hot knife going through a butter stick – smooth!

NOTE: If you like the DIY (Do It Yourself) path when it comes to resolving issues, XNSPY offers clarity with a dedicated FAQ section. With three distinct segments in the mix, you can instantly receive detailed solutions to pressing problems.

#5 Spyic: Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone for Free Online

Spyic app

Spyic adopts the catchphrase – the definitive parental and remote monitoring app. From this mantra, you can see that Spyic seeks to create a society where parents can keep tabs on their kids’ activities 24/7. While I had no kid to call mine, this spyware fields a pretty intricate add-on that was the ideal fit for my goal to amass rock-solid evidence against my cheating boyfriend – SMS tracking. 

If you’ve previously looked up “how to read someone’s text messages remotely for free” articles, there’s a big chance that Spyic comes into the discussion. Engaging this spyware, I saw who my boyfriend texted via SMS all day long. Also, Spyic makes it possible for you to get comprehensive information on the contacts they’re texting. This spyware acclimates you with their photos (if available), names, and contact details. Does this see Spyic rank as the all-in-one spy spyware in monitoring text messages? Just maybe. 

If you think text message tracking is the only area that Spyic excels, you’re wrong. For example, with Spyic, you can track the whereabouts of your kid and spouse in real-time. Moving on, this spy app operates in 100% stealth mode, leaving the supposed target “none the wiser” of your monitoring endeavors. Take Spyic as the app that grants you the capabilities of a real-world spy without undergoing any form of training.

There’s no need to fret if you’d like to get started on Spyic, as the set-up process is smooth. The subscription plans are also decent, and with a “60-Day Money-back Guarantee” to boot, patrons can get their subscription’s worth if they’re unsatisfied with the service. I’d say this incentive was what swayed me to use Spyic, and while I didn’t activate this clause, it felt good knowing that I had a backup plan just in case.

NOTE: Spyic has a “Demo” mode add-on that gives intending patrons the chance to check out the platform before usage. This nifty feature portrays Spyic as legitimate spyware, something that caught my attention from the get-go.

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Apps to Hack Text Messages Without Access to Phone: Supplementary Pricing

While the apps mentioned above have free trials (I had an exhilarating experience with mSpy), users will have to pay a premium to retain access to premium features. 

Here’s a table to put things into perspective:

DevicesiOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / Android
FeaturesWhatsApp tracking, SMS monitoring, Facebook tracking, Instagram tracking, Snapchat monitoring, Kik monitoring, Screen Recorder, KeyloggerKeystroke Capture, Social Spotlight, Plans Breaker, Files Finder, Web Magnifier, Connection Blocker, Magic Alerts, Invisible Shield, Friendly InstallerSMS tracking, WhatsApp tracking, Snapchat tracking, Call monitoring, GPS tracking, IM tracking, Blocking apps, Photo monitoring, AlertsSMS tracking, WhatsApp message monitoring, Call log tracking, GPS monitoring, Email tracking, Microphone recording, Instant alertsCall tracker, Track SMS, Instagram spying, Snapchat spying, Location tracking, Geofence alerts, Stealth mode, Track website history, SIM location tracking
Support24/7: Live chat, email, and phone24/7: Live chat, email, and phone24/7: Live chat and email24/7: Live chat, email, Email (replies within 48 hours)

NOTE: Although subscriptions on these spy apps don’t incur charges, there’s a huge possibility that you might get charged by your financial institution or preferred payment merchant.

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