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How to Get Your Spouse’s Text Messages for Free [A 5-Minute Fix]

How to Get Your Spouse’s Text Messages for Free [A 5-Minute Fix]

Do you suspect betrayal in your relationship? Maybe your partner is deceiving you despite your loyalty? You’re not alone. According to Statista, nearly 2 out of 3 people have experienced infidelity in a relationship.

But this is not about feeling sorry for yourself. I’ve been there and I know that self-pity doesn’t help. Instead, you need to be decisive and take control of your own destiny. This requires equipping yourself with the right information. One thing that can greatly assist you, just as it helped me, is learning how to read someone’s text messages without their phone for free.

I once had a partner who underestimated my intelligence and conspired with her ex to deceive me. I discovered that not only were they having an affair behind my back, but they were also planning to scam me in a shady business deal. However, I intercepted their messages and thwarted their plot just in time.

A close friend encouraged me to try phone trackers when I confided in him. With no time to waste, I took his advice and it didn’t disappoint. Since then, I’ve been using this method whenever I sense anything suspicious around me – hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

I can confidently state that this method will give you a significant advantage over your cheating partner 98% of the time!

Signs to Acknowledge to Start Catching a Cheater 

Catching a Cheater

Before delving into what to do when you suspect a cheating partner, let’s talk about the things that should warrant this move in the first place. You wouldn’t want to stir up the dust for no just cause, risking your relationship over nothing.

But if you notice any of these tell-tale signs of cheating, it’s probably high time to pull your hero cape and mask and head for a spying adventure (or something less dramatic).

 Sign 1. Unusual Behaviors

Are they suddenly becoming dispassionate about the things that would normally interest them? His newfangled affair could get him changing his outfit, liking new foods, dropping his regular shows for unusual ones, or doing something out of the ordinary.

When this happens, you’ll most likely need to get the hang of things sooner than later.

Sign 2. Late Night Chatting

It’s totally acceptable if she stays up all night working on spreadsheets and presentation slides. But staring down her phone giggling and texting all night? Downright suspicious. If she doesn’t let you in exactly on what she could possibly be chatting about till late at night, you probably should find out who your spouse is texting for free.

Sign 3. Changing Phone Lock Codes

In a relationship with mutual trust and respect for privacy, there’s actually no need for locks and keys because there’s that assurance that your partner always has your best at heart.

The New York Post puts it more vividly:

“The biggest adultery tip-off is the cell phone. Does your spouse refuse to let you use theirs? Does it ring, but they refuse to answer in your presence? Do they have multiple phones?”

If your partner suddenly feels the need to set new phone passwords and lock patterns, it reeks of cracks appearing in your relationship. They probably don’t trust that you’d let things go the way they’d want them to if you discovered their abhorrent deeds.

Sign 4. Incoherent Lies

It’s okay to tell a white lie every once in a while. “Where were you, Phil? I’ve been calling all day!” “Oh, sorry, Hun, just got caught up in a business meeting that took longer.” When, in fact, they were hanging out with old beer pals at a pub, and they knew you wouldn’t like to learn about what they were discussing.

When they’re neck-deep in a crazy boohoo, and they just can’t keep up with their lies, and you catch them tripping multiple times, learning how can I read my husband’s text messages without touching his phone could help in quickly connecting the dots.

Sign 5. Increasingly Distant and Silent

Reclusiveness is a sign of a waning relationship. Your partner no longer feels that strong bond, so they prefer to spend time away from you. Are they leaving for work earlier than usual and returning later? Attending fewer social events with you as a couple? Changing your couple pics on social profiles for single pics? Perhaps someone else is competing with you for space in their life, and you need to get a heads-up on that.

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Catch Cheaters Texting With the Newest Spy App – eyeZy  


The best app I’ll be recommending here is eyeZy, an AI-powered app that edges most other apps in several ramifications. The AI-based algorithm supercharges the tracking capabilities, allowing you to capture a wider range of phone data and get a clearer picture of your target’s activities. The superior algorithm is also matched by a highly user-centric experience.

Let’s take a closer look at why eyeZy gives you the best tools to get to grips with your relationship. In particular, if you’re wondering how can I see who my girlfriend is texting for free, two features might be of key interest: 

Social Spotlight 

social spotlight

Here’s a cool feature that wraps up all your partner’s social media activities in an easy-to-digest report. eyeZy locks into a phone’s operating system in stealth. As a result, it can track every app loaded on the phone, including social apps, from Facebook to Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, Snapchat, and Viber. You don’t need to know their passwords for each of these platforms to access their account anywhere, anytime.

The reports clearly show every single one of their chat threads on each platform, complete with time and date stamps of each message and the identities of the senders/receivers. That includes direct messages, private chats, group chats, etc. You’ll get to see not just the written content, but also anything shared in the chat – pictures, videos, audio files, website links, etc.

Also, you’ll get to see their contacts on every platform, from friends to followers and groups.

The powerful AI algorithm even allows you to read deleted messages. It copies and saves every app data the moment they’re generated, so even long after they’ve been deleted from your target’s phone, you’ll still have access to them via your user dashboard.

There’s also the remote screenshot feature that gives you a direct peek at their chat screen in real-time. So, for instance, if you learn from a chat that they’ll be meeting up at a particular time, you can switch on the remote screen recorder to see what’s going down during their meeting. 

Keystroke Capture 

eyezy keystroke

Another handy feature is the keystroke capture, which presents their keypress in an analysis-friendly report. It shows everything from their conversations to their browsing activities, app activities, etc. The time and date stamps also help give you a more detailed storyboard.

For instance, you’ll see the messages they write on each messaging platform, along with details of when they wrote them and who they sent them. You can also see the search queries they entered on any platform. That means you can see the type of content they searched for on Google,  Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Even more importantly, there’s the keyword alert feature. You may not have the time to search through all their keypress reports, so the keyword alert feature notifies you of the instance of any suspicious word or phrase popping up during their chat or browsing. That means you don’t have to wait until nighttime, when you’d normally review their activities, to learn about their sleazy activities. You can get wind of it and squash it the moment it starts. 

eyeZy’s Bonus Features to Help You Find Out Who Your Spouse Is Texting

Besides those two features, eyeZy also offers an arsenal of tools to boost your tracking campaign. With eyeZy, there’s a spying feature for every type of phone data, from calls to texts, browsing, location data, etc.

Here’s a rundown of the most outstanding features:

  • Phone Analyzer. Gain access to their call reports, complete with time and date stamps and the contact details of the callers/receivers. It tracks not only phone calls but calls on VoIP apps such as Facebook calls, WhatsApp calls, Instagram calls, etc.
  • Pinpoint. Don’t go trying to guess their location. Use eyeZy’s ultra-sensitive GPS tracker to track them down to the last inch. eyeZy can track them down even where there’s no mobile phone coverage.
  • Magic Alerts. Turn on this feature to get notified whenever your target enters or leaves a particular location. For instance, if they leave work to hang out with their secret lover, you’ll be notified immediately and will be able to track them to their meeting place. You can also set up notifications for when inappropriate words are used during their conversations or browsing activities.
  • Web Magnifier. eyeZy delivers big time on their browsing activities. The web magnifier lets you see every single web page that’s opened on their phone. You can see everything they searched on Google, their forum posts, the online stores they visited, etc.
  • Plans Breaker. Take advantage of this AI-powered feature to analyze your target’s next moves. The Plan Breaker combines a wide variety of activity data to paint a full picture of their activities and also predict their plans. For instance, it can combine WhatsApp chats, Google Maps data, and Calendar entries to predict who they’ll be meeting with when.
  • Invisible Shield. This feature gives you the option to spy in stealth. Your spying campaign will remain under wraps as long as the Invisible Shield remains turned on. 

4 Simple Steps to Read My Wife’s Text Messages From My Phone

With eyeZy, you can easily breeze through the steps of setting up a spy app regardless of your technical background. Simply register for an account, follow the Friendly Installer, and that’s it.

In more detail, here’s how to read my wife’s text messages from my phone:

eyezy steps

Step 1. Get an eyeZy Account

Head to the eyeZy official website, tap the ‘Try Now’ button, and provide your email on the signup form.

Step 2. Select a Subscription Package

Choose the type of phone you want to track. Then you’ll find a set of plans corresponding to the device type you chose. Select a plan that best suits your needs, and then proceed to checkout to complete your payment.

Step 3. Start Installation

Once you complete the checkout, you’ll get a notification mail. This will also contain details on how to set up and access the app. The app’s Friendly Installer provides a well-detailed guide on how to install the app on different devices, including jailbroken/rooted phones.

Step 4. Enjoy Total Access

Once everything is in place, the rest is easy. Simply log on to your user dashboard and scroll down to the activity category that interests you.

The user dashboard packs a punch of features but has a neat, intuitive arrangement that lets you quickly navigate to any select category anytime. Also, the features are closely related, and details in one category easily blend with other categories. For instance, after searching through their WhatsApp and Facebook chats, you can turn to the Plan Breaker feature to view their social activities from a different angle – in view of other activities like note entries and Calendar schedules.

Overall, you can expect a seamless user experience that lets you find out ‘who is my wife texting’ anytime, anywhere, without a hassle.

Top 3 Cheating Spouse Text Reader Apps

There are some spy apps that deliver a similar, if not superior experience to eyeZy. Some give you access to a much wider set of tools, but their higher pricing made me prefer eyeZy over them – they could be more suitable for other people’s needs.

But no doubt, it’s worth reviewing these eyeZy alternatives. 

mSpy – Hack Your Wife’s Text Messages

With mSpy, top-notch tracking features are a dime a dozen. You can access tons of tracking features at a pocket-friendly rate. mSpy delivers nearly every tracking feature you can find out there, including rare, exclusive ones. Plus, new features are always being introduced.

mSpy lets you trail your targets across every popular social media platform, from Facebook to WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, Viber, Snapchat, etc. Their social activity report will include everything from private chats to group chats, direct messages, sent/received multimedia files, contact lists, etc.


Other types of activity reports are also loaded with lots of info. The call tracker records their calls down to the last detail, from the time and date stamp to the contact details of the caller/receiver and every single word said in the call.

The keylogger lets you see all the keys they press and why they press them. You can use it to track their chats and browsing activities. For more ways on how to hack my wife’s text messages, you can collect her login credentials for her socials through the keylogger to track her from your own device.

Use the remote screenshots to take snapshots of her chat screens anytime. There are also features to activate her camera and mic remotely to watch and listen in on what’s happening around her. 

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See Who Your Girlfriend Is Texting With FlexiSPY 

FlexiSPY lines up one of the largest collections of phone tracking tools. If you want to go full James Bond on your target with tools to record their calls, texts, and even offline activities, FlexiSPY is your go-to app.

FlexiSPY covers every text your target sends or receives via any messaging platform, from their SMS to social apps (Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) and Instant Messaging apps. The social media tracker shows you everything, including their contact list, private chats, group chats, and direct messages on each platform.


You can even listen in on call recordings (this one can get you into real trouble, so check with your local privacy laws to know your standing with the law). FlexiSPY can record their phone calls, as well as VoIP calls, on internet call apps like Facebook calls and WhatsApp calls.

A powerful keylogger is also thrown into the mix to fill you in on more details about their phone activities. You’ll find an easy-to-digest keylogger report that you can make sense of at a glance.

Other important features include the keyword alert, remote ambiance recorder, and remote app blocker.

Want to know how can I see my husband’s text messages for free? Try out FlexiSPY’s free trial offer.

Spyera to Help You Read Your Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone


Spyera is up there on the lists of the best free cheating spouse text readers. It comes with a massive range of tracking tools, each deployable with a click or two. Setting it up requires just a few steps, after which you can unleash an arsenal of spy tools to track your target’s every move.

One area the Spyera shines through the most is the no-jailbreak installation – unlike most other spy apps, Spyera doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting to activate social media tracking.

Once you follow through with the swift installation steps, you’ll have the entirety of your target’s phone data constantly updated on your dashboard. The activity updates include social media activities, browsing activities, and other app activities.

Cheating Spouse Text Reader Pricing Details 

Want to learn how to check your spouse’s text messages for free? The above apps offer some kind of free version – free demos, free trials – to help you get to grips with the app before purchasing it. However, the free versions are limited, providing a barebone experience for a short duration. To access the premium features for as long as you want, you’ll have to fork out some cash.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing of each app:

FeaturesSocial Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Screen Recorder, Phone Analyzer, Plan Breaker, Pinpointer, Browsing history, Installed appsSocial media tracker, Call logs, Call recorder, Remote screenshot, Keylogger, GPS tracker, App list, Remote app blockerSocial media tracker, Call logs, Call recorder, SMS tracker, Keylogger, Browsing history, GPS tracker, Ambiance recorder, Remote screenshotCall log, SMS tracker, Social tracker, Remote screenshots, Keylogger, Ambiance recording, Remote app blocker
CompatibilityAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOS
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, phone24/7 live chat, phone, email24/7 live chat, 24/7 email, ticketing system24/7 live chat, email

What Should You Do After Catching a Cheater?   

I know that gut-wrenching feeling when you finally realize that you’ve been betrayed by someone you love so much. Don’t despair. Emotions may run high, but you need a level head to make the right call. Here’s what you should do:

  • Try to stay calm. It can be a little difficult to fight back emotions. If you need, take some time off and get some fresh air. Do something to take your mind off things, and then come back to it later with a relaxed, refreshed mind.
  • Talk to your partner. Perhaps she deserves one chance to explain herself and possibly apologize for her wrongdoing. It’s worth giving a civilized conversation a try.
  • Come to terms with it. It could be hard to swallow, but repressing the thought of your partner cheating can lead to pent-up emotions that aren’t healthy for you. Accept that it’s not your fault that your partner couldn’t repay your faithfulness and move on.
  • Talk to someone. Get advice from a counselor, a psychologist, or anyone you trust you can vent to.

Conclusion: Which Is Your Best App to Catch a Cheating Spy? 

I’ve included a wide range of users in this guide. So, which user category do you fall into? And which spying app suits you best?

I’ve covered options for those seeking a quick solution with easy access to their target’s phone data, as well as those who require advanced features for a comprehensive spying campaign, capturing every detail.

Now it’s your turn to make a choice!

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