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How to Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android: Remote & Simple Way

How to Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android: Remote & Simple Way

One silly mistake could ruin years of a relationship. But in most cases, it’s usually a chronic abuse of trust that ends a relationship. Are the suspicious signs you’ve been noticing in your relationship just a one-off thing or is there more to it? Is your partner just fond of telling white lies or are they desperately trying to misguide you? One sure way to find out is by learning how to automatically forward text messages to another phone.

On average, Americans check on their text messages 42 times a day, and every minute, some 15.2 million text messages are blasted into space. Your target’s text messages could contain lots of juicy detail about their activities, and tracking them can lead to first-hand evidence of their secrets.

Besides reading expert reviews and real-life user anecdotes, I’ve also personally witnessed the power of text message forwarding tools. On two separate occasions, it helped me unmask an unfaithful partner and a dishonest employee. I got to find out about the secrets my ex was trying to hide about her past life – the mysterious calls she’d take in secret, unexplainable outings at odd times, etc. Oh boy, did I open that can of worms?

Now, I tried a lot of other methods before and after my success with text forwarding Android apps, and I can guarantee that this method has a 95% likelihood of helping you read others’ messages. Here’s all you need to know to pull it off successfully. 

Reasons to Consider Text Forwarding on Android 

Before going on a roll on how to forward text messages, I’d like to clear the air on why I’m even doing this. No doubt, phone privacy has become a hot-button issue in recent years, and some people almost always vilify anyone talking up how to forward text messages to another phone without someone knowing.

However, I’m all for the legitimate use of this method and against unwarranted use. So, the main audience I’m writing for is people with the following needs:

Reason 1. Keeping Youngsters on a Tight Leash

As a parent, it’s your duty to protect the impressionable minds of your young ones. They often don’t think things through and make poor decisions that could affect them over the long run. You should be there to rein them in when they go off a dangerous path. Don’t want your kids posting messages or photos on Instagram that’ll most likely make them cringe as adults? Time to put some checks on their online activities by learning how to forward text messages to another phone.

You also need to forward your kid’s text messages to protect them from harmful content. I’m not just talking about nudity and violence, but abusive content directly targeting them. Some 52% of U.S. youngsters post their personal details online, putting themselves up as potential targets for pedophiles, cyberbullies, and other ne’er-do-wells online.

Reason 2. Unmaking a Cheating Spouse

Is your partner suddenly becoming defensive, combative, or closed out? Have they suddenly changed their phone lock codes, social media login credentials, and other access codes you were privy to up until that moment? Learning how to forward a text message on Android is one surefire way to confirm or dispel your suspicions.

These days, people use their phones a lot when cheating. If reading their messages directly on their phone isn’t an option, can you forward text messages to another phone without their knowledge? Absolutely. As they say, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission – especially if the emotional stakes are high.

Reason 3. Monitoring Employees

According to Gartner, a leading business consultancy firm, about 80% of businesses tracked their employees’ phones in 2020 – a figure that had grown 50% over 5 years. “This is the modern workplace now,” Brian Kropp, Gartner’s group vice president, noted during an interview.

“The vast majority of companies using this type of information are doing it to better understand their employees and create a better environment”

he added.

You can consider employee phone monitoring as another medium for appraising your employees, like surveys, polls, etc. Only this time, it’s more tactical and precise. 

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How to Forward Text Messages to Another Phone Without Someone Knowing? 

If you’re not a tech person, your best bet for how to forward messages to another phone is eyeZy. This is state-of-the-art technology with mind-boggling complexity on hand to unveil all your target’s text messages. eyeZy uses an AI-powered algorithm to provide instant, real-time access to your target’s text messages. It doesn’t just give you a glimmer or clues – it provides a comprehensive activity report that leaves no stone unturned. Track your targets on just about every messaging platform, see everything they say and do with others online.

eyeZy’s AI-studded feature list tracks everything from their calls to texts, emails, browsing history, etc. Two features, in particular, come in really handy when considering ‘can I forward text messages to another phone automatically?’

How to Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android: Remote & Simple Way

Social Spotlight

This is the umbrella category for all their social activity reports. Feature subsets here include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, TikTok, Snapchat, and other popular social media activities. For every platform, there are real-time, detailed reports of every move your target makes there. You’ll also find time and date stamps, full identities of chat correspondents, contact lists, group lists, everything you need to know to make sense of what they’re up to. 

Their emails are also tracked here, including those from private servers. Simply put, once you switch on eyeZy, nothing about their phone is private anymore. Whenever they send or receive any text, it’s automatically forwarded to your phone. They can hop platforms, use hidden messaging apps, or delete their messages, but there’s nothing they can ever do to hide their texts from you.

Keystroke Capture

We also see eyeZy’s AI.-powered capabilities at work with the keystroke capture, which is a level up of your regular keylogger. It removes any room for misrepresentations, using AI to present the keypresses in an easily-readable, analysis-friendly report. At a glance, you can quickly see what each keypress was meant for – no jumbled reports that leave you guessing and wringing your head.

You can even catch it when your target is trying to delete their messages – check for text keypresses immediately followed by the deleted keypress.

Catch a glimpse of their chat screen in real-time with the remote screenshot functionality. You can take real-time screenshots of their chat screen for more vivid evidence of their infidelity.

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3 Steps to Forward Messages to Another Phone

eyeZy also edges most other text forwarding apps in the area of user experience. You can expect a seamless user experience right from the installation stage. eyeZy does away with complex technical requirements like rooting to simplify the user experience for everyone. You can get everything set up in a couple of minutes, regardless of your background or experience.

Here’s all you need to know:

Step 1. Set Up a User Account

Head to the eyeZy official website and take a few seconds to sign up for your account. Your email is all that’s needed.

Step 2. Choose a Suitable Subscription Plan

You’ll be asked to choose the type of device you want to track, with the corresponding set of subscription plans displaying once you do. Select Android, then choose the plan that suits you the most. Once you complete your payment and checkout, a confirmation email will be heading to the email you’ve provided.

Step 3. Set Up the Friendly Installer

Open your confirmation email and follow the instructions to deploy the Friendly Installer. You’ll have many routes here, depending on the plans and features you chose. In most cases, you’ll only just need to grab your target’s phone for a few minutes to load a link on their browser that triggers an automatic download and installation.

If you need more tracking features and remote control features, you may need the rooting route. But whatever the need might be, the Friendly Installer is your reliable guide.

Step 4. Full Access Granted 

Once you’ve completed the directions from the Friendly Installer’s directions, the rest is a cakewalk. Your dashboard will contain all the activity info you need about your target, with real-time updates. Scroll down to the Social Spotlight section for a lowdown on their socials. The Keystroke Capture section shows their keypress reports and also contains the remote screenshot feature.

Other important features you should check out from time to time include the Phone Analyzer for their call reports, the Plan Breaker for a breakdown of their web of activity. 

Top 5 Best App to Forward Text Messages in 2023 

eyeZy is only rivaled by just a handful of other apps which are also at the top of their game. These apps also offer a remarkable user experience and let you spy like a pro regardless of your background or experience. Give their free trial a spin to see things for yourself. 

#1 mSpy 

Only a few apps have a place in history like mSpy. One of the oldest incumbents in the industry, mSpy continues to purvey top-notch user experience with constant upgrades and an ever-increasing tool range. mSpy has helped countless people secure the things that are most precious to them – from kids to family, businesses, and even their dignity and sanity.

Is someone trying to run circles around you? mSpy to the rescue! You only need to press a few buttons on your target’s phone and then on yours to get their messages constantly forwarded to your phone without their knowledge.


See everything they do and say across every known social media network, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, and Kik. All their incoming and outgoing texts will automatically be forwarded to your phone along with all the metadata – time and date stamps, identities of the correspondents, etc.

There’s also an easily-readable keylogger that updates you on their keypresses by the minute. The keypress report reveals not only the messages they send but also a whole lot of other info about them, from the pages they open on various apps to the terms they search online and even deleted messages.

Other key features that help forward text messages on iPhone without someone knowing include the remote screenshot, which allows you to peer directly into their chat screens in real-time. There’s also the keyword alert that informs you the moment they send or receive any text containing suspicious words and phrases.

For more detail on your target’s activities, mSpy also lines up a vast range of tracking tools for just about every phone activity, including a call recorder, a call log tracker, browser tracker, location tracker, plus lots more. 

#2 Spyic

Spyic is another well-established spy app that delivers goods reliably. It reveals every conversation on every platform, from SMS to social media messages, email, and even hidden messaging apps. The app digs deep into the phone’s operating system to unearth every data sent or received on the phone. Once embedded in the phone, Spyic copies every data generated on the phone and then stores it online on your user dashboard, where you can access them anytime, anywhere.

All the app’s operations are carefully concealed by a lightweight, stealthy design. This allows it to interact with the operating system and different components of the phone without leaving the slightest trace. You’re guaranteed stealth tracking operations from start to finish.

The app also provides a host of phone data to create more contexts for their text messages. It can dig out every info you need about your target’s activities, from their phone calls to their browsing activities, emails, apps, etc. There are also advanced features like the remote screen recorder and keylogger.

Spyic also has relatively wider compatibility, it tracks just about every Android phone, including those with versions as old as 4 (dating nearly a decade ago). Plus, there are no rooting requirements for the advanced features. It’s almost certain you’ll be able to apply Spyic’s massive range of tracking capabilities on your target’s phone, regardless of the type of Android phone they’re using.

What’s more, you’ll also get to enjoy highly responsive technical support round the clock. You’ll also find a detailed installation guide, tutorials, as well as a vast knowledge base covering FAQs like how can I forward text messages to an iOS device, how can I see who my partner is texting on WhatsApp, etc.? 

#3 TheSpyBubble

TheSpyBubble also gives you the full scoop on your target’s phone conversations. With a lightweight algorithm, stealthy operations, and a well-rounded tracking toolset, TheSpyBubble offers a top-shelf tracking experience. You can deploy powerful monitoring tools to see everything you need to know about your target’s phone activities with just a few clicks.

After a breezy installation process, you can have your target’s text messages forwarded to your phone at all times while they remain oblivious to it. Your user dashboard will have frequently updated categories covering just about all your target’s every phone activities, from their calls to texts, emails, multimedia files, browsing history, etc.

With the social media tracker, you’ll find not just text content but every file shared on the messages, including pictures, videos, audio files, memes, etc. Got a message about a suspicious meet-up with the location communicated in code? Use TheSpyBubble’s GPS tracker to track them down to the doorstep of the actual meeting location. You can also monitor them with the action alert feature, which notifies you whenever something suspicious comes up, such as when they read or send texts with suspicious words or when they leave or enter a predetermined location.

TheSpyBubble also offers remote control features for a more hands-on approach to monitoring. Get proactive with your monitoring by stepping in to thwart suspicious conversations on your target’s phone remotely. Someone’s trying to seduce him? Put your partner out of her reach by blocking her and deleting her messages using your own device.

Note that you’ll need to root the target phone to allow for some of these advanced features to work. 

 #4 iSpyoo

Discover hidden messages, deleted messages, and any secret your lover is keeping on their phone with iSpyoo. You can get a comprehensive lowdown on your target’s texts, emails, social media activities, calls, plus more. It monitors all their social media activities reliably in real-time – you won’t miss a beat on any messaging platform.

As with the other apps in our review, iSpyoo’s activity report for social media is all-inclusive, showing everything down to the last detail – time and date stamps, the contact info of the correspondents, shared multimedia, etc. The same goes for their SMS, instant messaging, email, and any messaging platform they may be using. You’ll also get full access to their contact list across their messaging platforms, including their Facebook friends, WhatsApp contact, and their local phonebook.


iSpyoo doesn’t fall short of any important phone tracking functionality. The call monitoring tool gives you full details of their call history, with the identities of the caller and receiver, time and date stamps, and call duration. You can also track what they do with every app on their phone, including hidden messaging apps that are disguised as calculators or calendars.

Pair their social media activity report with their browsing history to get a fuller picture of their plans. Use the keylogger to collect their Facebook and WhatsApp credentials if you want their account opened directly on your phone, so you can take action like blocking contacts and deleting messages. 

#5 Minspy 

Another stealthy, all-inclusive spy app that offers an excellent user experience, Minspy no doubt deserves a place on my list. It’s both powerful and flexible, making for a seamless user experience. It tracks just about every type of Android phone, and you can monitor your target through the web app on any device.

You can set up the text forwarding functionalities without complex installation requirements like rooting. The non-root installation also gives access to advanced features like the keylogger, GPS tracker, etc.

The activity reports are well detailed, touching on all your target’s messaging platforms, from SMS to social media to instant messaging apps, email, and even hidden apps. You’ll get to see every bit of info generated during their conversations across all of these platforms.

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What Are the Pricing for Text Forwarding?

You can try out all of these apps for free to get a good feel for each one. But to get your tracking in full swing, you’ll need a paid plan. The free trials are mainly designed for testing purposes, and they can only take you so far.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of paid plans for the recommended apps:















Social Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Phone Analyzer, Pinpoint, Plans Breaker, Friendly Installer, Magic Alerts, Invisible Shield, Connection Blocker, Web Magnifier, Files Finder

Read Emails, Access Contacts and Calendar, Record Their Screen, View Multimedia Files, Monitor Internet Activity, Manage Calls, Track Text Messages, Read Messaging Apps, Track GPS Location, Control Apps and Programs

Social Media Tracker, Call Logs, SMS Tracker, Keylogger, Browsing History, GPS Tracker

Call Log, SMS, Social Media Tracker, Multimedia Tracker, Keylogger

Call Tracking, Social Media, SMS Tracking, Instant Message Tracking, Contact List, Browsing History

Social Media Tracker, SMS Tracker, Call Tracker,  Keylogger, Browsing History, GPS Location, Keyword Alerts, Surroundings Recording


Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Android / iOS / macOS / PC

Android / iOS / macOS

Android / iOS

Android /  Windows

  Customer          Support

24/7 live chat, email, phone

24/7 live chat, phone, email

24/7 live chat, 24/7 email



24/7 live support, email



Now you know the best text forwarding apps out there and what they can do for you, so, which app best suits you?

eyeZy uses AI to help you make better sense of your target’s text messages. If you want to deploy a larger arsenal of tracking tools, you can consider mSpy. For completely stealth operations with nothing left behind to give you away, TheSpyBubble is ideal.

It’s that simple. Choose your best pick from our list and gain all the closure you want in your relationship.

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