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How Can I Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

How Can I Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

Relationships wax and wane for various reasons. But one of the most disturbing reasons is infidelity, which is one of the worst forms of betrayal. In a bid to prevent infidelity, some men strive to keep their girlfriends under a tight leash, becoming over-possessive. But that could be as detrimental to the relationship as the cheating they’re trying to prevent.

Some 60% of cheaters rely on their phones for their cheating activities. Your girlfriend’s phone is most likely the key to finding out about her secret relationships. Hence, if you can’t afford to babysit your girlfriend all day to make sure she’s not into any funny business, we’ll show you other means of getting things done with minimal efforts and zero risks of getting caught.

In this guide, we’ll help you assess the legitimacy of your suspicions about your girlfriend’s secret activities — you’d want to be sure you’re not just chasing shadows. We’ll also show you a stealthy, comprehensive method to use to spy on your girlfriend’s phone.

Reasons to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Phone

Most methods to spy on your girlfriend are simple and effortless, but that doesn’t mean you should go on a spying whim whenever you feel like it. An attitude like that could easily strain your relationship — even to a breaking point.

To avoid unnecessary arguments and unfounded accusations, you need to take a step back and ask — ‘is it really worth it?’ The answer should be a yes if you have one or a combination of these reasons: 

Anxiety From Received Calls or Texts

Does she suddenly become nervous whenever she receives a certain call or text? You can see in her eyes that something is quite odd about a particular call or text. Then she ignores those calls or texts — even when you suggest she take it. Or she leaves you to take the calls privately in a separate room.

She’s Constantly Glued to Her Phone

If she’s become more obsessed with her phone recently, it’s a disturbing sign that you need to get wind of it. You have even more reasons to find out who she’s texting if she suddenly becomes overprotective of her phone and always keeps it within an inch of her at all times.

Putting Away Her Phone in Her Presence

So, often, she tucks away her phone whenever you walk in on her while she’s using it. Or even worse, you can hear her giggling while using her phone, but then she quickly tucks it away when she notices you. If she doesn’t want to share her fun moments with you, she’s probably sharing it with someone who’s more special to her who’s vying to take your place.

Changing Passwords

So, you used to know her password before, but then she decided to change things up and lock you out for no good reason? That’s a gory red flag of cheating and a strong reason to find out how I can spy on text messages.

Waning Intimacy and Increasing Withdrawal

She might be going through increasing pressure at work recently, or she’s having some deep personal problems that are making her withdraw. But whatever the case might be, whenever you notice a sharp drop in the level of intimacy in your relationship, you need to find out exactly what’s gone wrong — even if it means going through your girlfriend’s phone. 

Is There an App to See Who Your Girlfriend Is Texting?

If you’ve noticed one or a combination of these signs of cheating, you have some substantial moral grounds to track your girlfriend’s cell phone. One straightforward, reliable way to get down to business is to use spy apps. With spy apps, you can hack your girlfriend’s phone without a fuss, checking up on her phone activities remotely at your convenience. 

If you wonder, ‘How can I hack my girlfriend’s phone?’ it’s a plus if you have any type of prior experience with spy apps. But if you don’t, you don’t have to worry much about any technicalities or operational requirements.

In most cases, all you need to do to set up a spy app is to load a link on the target phone to initiate an automatic download and installation. Within a few moments, the app will take root deep inside the target phone, from where it’ll roll out untraceable spying operations. If you choose a top-notch spy app, you can rest assured that your girlfriend will never find out about it. The apps will never use any traceable amount of phone resources like battery charge, phone data, or memory space.

The only time you’re at risk of getting caught is the few minutes you need to download the spy app on the phone physically. Afterward, all you need to do is open your user dashboard on any smart device to view updates of all the text messages she sends and receives. 

Top 5 FREE Apps to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone 

To find out who’s she texting with these spying features, you need to ensure that you choose a reliable spy app. As obvious as that might sound, it’s a critical problem that can easily ruin your spying campaign. If you Google ‘How to spy on my girlfriend?’ or ‘How can I see who my girlfriend is texting for free,’ you’ll be swamped in a sea of results showing spy apps. Picking the right one that’s free can easily become a dicey affair. To help you cut to the chase, we’ve prepared an ‘A’ list of 5 free spy apps you should look into first:


eyezy Features

eyeZy allows you to learn how to get your girlfriend’s text messages without a sweat. You can use eyeZy to monitor not only her text messages but her calls, contact list, browsing activities, shared media files, and lots more. 



First on our list is mSpy, an ingenious piece of software that’s helped countless people around the world keep tabs on their spouses successfully. mSpy boasts an unparalleled array of spying tools and the simplest operational requirements. These include basic spying features for tracking text messages, as well as rare advanced features that give you a much greater chance of finding irrefutable evidence.



SpyBubble is a spy app that provides a wide array of tools to spy on your girlfriend with a simple operational process. You’ll get to use a neat, intuitive user interface for going through your girlfriend’s phone remotely. You’ll also find other highly instrumental spying tools like call monitoring, GPS tracking, and a keylogger.



XNSPY also has a massive customer base that’s a testament to the effectiveness of the app. XNSPY will provide you with constant updates of your girlfriend’s text messages through a simple, straightforward interface. You also don’t have to worry about your cover because the app will never leave a trace of spying activities on your girlfriend’s phone.



With iKeyMonitor, not only can you spy on your girlfriend’s text messages, but you can also control the flow of messages on her phone. You can delete suspicious text messages on her phone remotely to abort any suspicious conversation before it blooms into something more serious.

What Types of Texts Messages Can Spy Apps Track?

Once you have the spy app locked and loaded on the target phone, you’ll have access to a wide variety of phone data, depending on the features provided in your subscription plan.

You’ll learn how to track your girlfriend’s phone to see her text messages and other phone activities via a neatly arranged dashboard. Most top-notch spy apps enable you to see many different types of text messages, including:

  • Text messages. You’ll get to see the contents, time/date stamps, as well as the contact details of the sender/receiver of every SMS text.
  • Social media texts. The apps can reveal every private message, group message, or posts that your girlfriend sends and reads on various social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • Instant messages. You’ll also get to read up on iMessages and other messages sent via IM apps.
  • Dating app messages. If she’s secretly using dating apps, you’ll be able to get wind of all her messages on those apps.
  • Fake app messages. If she’s tech-savvy enough to deploy fake apps that help her hide damning evidence, a top-notch spy app will also help you get on to her.
  • Hidden messages. Some apps have a hidden messages feature that allows users to keep certain messages secret on the app.

How to Install a Spy App on Your Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Perhaps the hardest part is finding and choosing the right spy app. Once you’re done with that, the process of deploying the apps is pretty straightforward. The only challenge you’ll find here is accessing your girlfriend’s phone for a few minutes to carry out the installation. Here’s all you need to do to spy on your girlfriend’s phone.

For Android Devices

android phone 2

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a spy app on your target’s Android device:

Step 1. Sign up for Your Spy App Account

Take a moment to fill out the sign-up form on the spy app’s official site.

Step 2. Choose Your Subscription Plan

Confirm that your target phone is supported by the software, and then choose a befitting subscription plan.

Step 3. Download and Install the Spy App

After completing your subscription, you’ll be sent a confirmation email containing details of your subscription plan as well as instructions on how to deploy the app. You’re normally required to grab the target phone and load a link on it, which will trigger an automatic download and installation.

Step 4. Start Spying on Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Once you’re done with the installation, you can then sit back whenever you want to begin to track your girlfriend’s text messages.

For iOS Devices


If your girlfriend’s device runs on iOS, you’re not required to install a spy app on her phone. All you need is her iCloud details. Here are the steps you need to take then:

Step 1. Create Your User Account

You need to sign up for a user account on the spy app’s official website.

Step 2. Choose Your Subscription Plan

Check if the app works on your target iOS device. If it does, then choose a suitable subscription plan.

Step 3. Key in Your Target’s iCloud Account

You need to set up the spy app by entering your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials on it. Everything can be done remotely, except if you need to activate iCloud syncing on the target phone or deactivate two-factor authentication.

Step 4. Start Spying on Your Girlfriend’s iPhone Messages

Once you enter your target’s iCloud credentials, the app will automatically sync with her iCloud account, giving you access to her text message updates whenever they’re uploaded to her iCloud account. 

How to Hack Your Girlfriend’s Phone With a Keylogger?


Another ingenious method to spy on your girlfriend’s phone without touching it is by using a keylogger. However, there’s a caveat — you’ll only be able to see the messages she types out, not the ones she reads. A keylogger works by recording all the keys your girlfriend presses on her phone.

First-rate keyloggers have advanced reporting functionalities that show her keypresses in an analysis-friendly report. With that, it’s easier to make sense of the messages she types out.

Keyloggers can help you spy on your girlfriend’s text messages in more ways than one. Besides giving you a report of the messages she types out, they also reveal the login credentials of her messaging apps, so you can log in to her accounts to view her messages from another device.

Keyloggers are usually packaged along with other text message spying features in subscription plans of state-of-the-art spy apps. That way, the keylogger can complement other spying tools to increase your chances of getting on to something tangible.

Track Your Girlfriend’s Location Using Free Options

Top-notch spy apps are inexpensive. But if you don’t have any spare cash to spend on them for now, there are still other free ways to snoop on text messages. You might need access to her phone at least once to carry out these methods:

Google Timeline


If your girlfriend uses an Android phone, you can track her location in real-time using her phone’s Google timeline feature. To do this:

  1. Add your Gmail address to your girlfriend’s Google Contacts.
  2. Run Google Maps on your target’s phone and then click on the account’s profile picture, select ‘Location sharing → New share.’
  3. Select your Google Contact account as the number you want to share location data with, and then select how long you want to receive the location data. 
  4. Click on ‘Share.’ Alternatively, you can go to ‘Location sharing → Copy to clipboard’ to get a link where you can view your girlfriend’s location. You can send the link via email or text to your phone.

Find My iPhone


If she’s using an iOS device, you can use the Find My iPhone feature to track her location for free. Note that this method requires her iCloud credentials. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Open on your browser, enter your girlfriend’s iCloud name and password, and then click on ‘Find my iPhone   All Devices.’
  2. Select the particular iOS device you want to track. A page will then open up, showing you the real-time location of the device.



With this method, you can use a free app to track her location through her phone number. All it takes to start monitoring your girlfriend with Detectico is sending an SMS to her number. Once she responds to the message, you’ll simply start getting updates of her location in real-time.

Detectico works no matter the type of phone or mobile operator she’s using. You also don’t need to download anything. 

Track Girlfriend’s Cell Phone: Safety Measure or Invasion of Privacy

We’ve dealt with the technical aspect of how to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. Now, what about the moral aspect? Earlier on, we talked about some solid reasons to hack your girlfriend’s phone. That’s because we want to be sure that you can justify the invasion of your girlfriend’s privacy — even before a court of law.

In many states, it’s illegal to track any form of a conversation between two or more people without the consent of at least one or all the parties involved. However, we’re seeing a rising number of divorce cases in which the court accepts text messages and other incriminating evidence obtained without the prior knowledge of the accused.

That’s because, in most of these cases, the parties who produce the evidence can prove that the invasion of privacy was necessary to prevent serious physical or emotional damage. On the flip side, while safety concerns can be a strong alibi if you’re caught using apps to spy on your girlfriend’s phone, you should make it more than just that. Make it a point of duty — a conscious decision to protect your girlfriend from bad people out there when tracking her location. 

Going Through Girlfriend’s Phone: Is It Really Worth It?

We’ll always advise you never to jump the gun because it can cause irreparable damages to her trust. But if your decisions are based on any of the strong reasons we’ve listed above, it might be worth learning how to hack your girlfriend’s phone to see her text messages. That’s because these reasons are usually smoking guns — signs that something needs to be changed urgently to prevent things from further deteriorating.

Even if your suspicions of infidelity turn out to be untrue, you might eventually find out about new work routines or habits that might deter her from committing fully to the relationship. But if indeed she’s fooling around behind your back, you’ll get wind of it early enough to minimize the damage. By doing so, you’ll have something solid to confront her with. But you might want to talk things out with her if she promises to get her acts together and remain as committed as you are to the relationship. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you know how to tell if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone because you can read her text messages like the back of your palms. No more twisting and turning in bed and having nightmares over her secrets. Even if she isn’t cheating, you’ll at least have a better idea of what’s going wrong with the relationship and how to fix things.

You don’t need to jump straight to track your girlfriend’s cell phone at the first sign of infidelity. Try talking things out with her first to see if you can get anything out of her. If her responses don’t add up and further raise suspicions, you can then go ahead to find out things for yourself.

You can always rely on top-notch spy apps like mSpy to find out who your girlfriend is texting. Their stealth, remote, and round-the-clock operations will ensure that you can see all of your girlfriend’s text messages whenever, wherever, without ever risking blowing your cover. You get to see her SMS, social media messages, instant messages, hidden messages, and even deleted messages.

If you don’t want to risk any money, you can use some free, simple spying methods like Find My iPhone and Google Timeline. You may not find much with these methods, but they’re a good place to start. If you’ve found a smoking gun anywhere, you can trace out the smoke using spy apps to widen your search with a wider range of phone spying features.

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  1. I suspected my girlfriend of cheating on me, and this article helped me discover the truth. I could monitor her phone remotely without touching it, making the process easier and less time-consuming. The step-by-step guide was also very helpful, showing me exactly what I needed to do.

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