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How to You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating Over Text

How to You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating  Over Text

Infidelity can be detrimental to relationships, and no partner wants to experience it. Unfortunately, studies indicate that around 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of marriages have encountered cheating at some point.

These alarming statistics might lead you to view your girlfriend differently. If you’ve noticed significant changes in her behavior, such as excessive smartphone use at odd hours, it’s possible that she may be cheating. To address this, you’ll need solid evidence in hand. While cheaters often try to cover their tracks, it’s important to note that you can gain insight into their smartphone activities.

How can you achieve this? Enter spy apps! Two years ago, I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. Devastated, I decided to gather undeniable proof before confronting her. After exploring various options online, I found that spyware offered the most comprehensive monitoring services.

In this article, I will focus on the alternatives I personally tested to extract texts and other data from my girlfriend’s phone. Using these methods, the likelihood of accessing your girlfriend’s texts without her phone is 95%. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating Over Text

Girlfriend Is Cheating Over Text

In an era where cheating is rampant, keeping tabs on your girlfriends’ or wives’ conversations is essential to develop trust and build viable relationships.

Nonetheless, several tell-tale signs indicate that your significant other is cheating on you via text. Here, we’ll examine three of those signs to help you know if your girlfriend is facilitating an illicit relationship over texts.

Top mentions include:

Sign 1: Secured Device and Apps

One of the most typical signs she’s talking to someone else over text is that she places passwords on her messaging applications.

When your girlfriend locks these apps, it’s clear she’s hiding something incriminating. If you talk to her about this and she deflects to another matter, she’s probably cheating on you. 

It’s a no-brainer. If your girlfriend has nothing to hide, she’ll make her device accessible 24/7.

Sign 2: Multiple Deleted Messages

Another evidence that your relationship is standing on the sinking sands of distrust, disloyalty, and cheating, is that her device features many deleted messages. 

So, if you got access to her phone and saw prompts along the lines of — this message has been deleted — she’s most likely having affairs with someone else.

It’s not rocket science. If your girlfriend deletes texts regularly, she doesn’t want you to find out who she’s been texting lately.

Sign 3: Changes Mood During Chats

A natural way to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text is to observe and monitor her moods and emotions when texting others. 

As humans, we’re hardwired to develop soft spots for those we admire or love. Although your girlfriend might pretend at first, she can’t keep up the act forever. 

So, if you’re talking to her and an incoming text on her phone lightens her mood immediately, there’s a chance that it came from someone she likes.

If you notice this demeanor often and she refuses to give an insight into the person’s identity, she’s cheating on you.

Top 3 Apps to Use If Your Girlfriend Is Flirting With Another Guy

If I could translate the number of times I’ve heard the question — how to know if my girlfriend is flirting with another guy — into physical cash, I would’ve been one of the wealthiest persons within my vicinity. 

However, you can’t blame those making those queries. Having someone you love cheat on you is heartbreaking. Fortunately, the search results accompanying these queries are pretty detailed, giving jilted boyfriends a chance at redemption. 

Since I’ve had experience with cheating girlfriends, I’ll take you through the top three tested and trusted apps that’ll help you know whether she is talking to someone else. These apps worked for me, and I’m 100% certain that they’ll work for you. 

Let the games BEGIN!

How to See Who Your Girlfriend Is Texting With the eyeZy App


When talking about spy apps that exude efficiency and effectiveness on all fronts, eyeZy makes the cut.

Besides offering a plethora of features, eyeZy ensures you get started without issues with a “Friendly Installer” add-on. This feature aids the installation procedure, and in less than 5 minutes, you should have eyeZy running as intended. 

Although perfection is unattainable in the world today, eyeZy offers a decent dose of accuracy. If you encounter difficulties during usage, eyeZy fields 24/7 customer support. 

Compatible on iOS and Android devices, eyeZy seeks to make things seamless for you with its “Compatibility Checker.” Using this functionality, you can see whether the target device tallies eyeZy’s offerings. 

Working in 100% Stealth Mode, your girlfriend is “none the wiser of your monitoring activities. Also, the eyeZy app ensures that data from the target’s device doesn’t get into the wrong hands with bank-grade encryption in the mix. 

Without further ado, let me take you through the eyeZy add-ons crucial for sieving out texts on your girlfriend’s phone. They are:

  • Social Spotlight
Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight is the fulcrum and pivot of the eyeZy app. Although you might not be part and parcel of your girlfriend’s conversations, “Social Spotlight” allows you to read exchanged messages. 

Unlike some spy apps that focus on SMS messages, eyeZy goes social with Social Spotlight. Here, you can see chats from social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

Besides access to all her texts, Social Spotlight sieves out deleted messages on her device. Using its Screen Recorder, eyeZy captures all conversations before it disappears. 

With eyeZy, there’s nothing new under the SUN!

  • Keystroke Capture
Keystroke Capture

eyeZy stretches the parameters of what was previously deemed possible with Keystroke Capture. This add-on grants you access to everything your girlfriend types of taps on her device. 

That’s not all:

Using Keyword Capture, you can flag keywords. If the target device uses any during a conversation, eyeZy’s AI will send you an instant alert. You’ll also get notified if the AI suspects any suspicious activity on the target device. 

You might be wondering, how does eyeZy sensibly collate this data? Well, eyeZy gathers and places them in a valid format on your dedicated Control Panel. Talk about convenience that trumps the obtainable!

Read Your Girlfriend’s Texts in 3 Simple Steps 

Using modern apps like eyeZy, reading your girlfriend’s text messages doesn’t come off as a tall order. Seeking to deliver the best experience from the get-go, the app has a “Friendly Installer” to simplify things.

eyezy steps

After installation, you can get a hold of every text message your girlfriend has sent in recent times. eyeZy makes these bits of data available on a dedicated Control Panel segmented into different segments.

However, if you’re new to eyeZy and you’re wondering how you can get started with relative ease, follow these simple steps to commence your spying adventure on a well-deserved high:

Step One: Create Your eyeZy Account

To use eyeZy, the first thing you’ll need to do is head to the official website. Here, click the “TRY NOW.” On the subsequent page, input your email address and check the T&C’s box. 

Now, tap on “CONTINUE” to proceed.

Step Two: Choose Your Subscription Plan

After filling in your details, choose the target OS you’d like to monitor. On the next page, select a cost-effective subscription plan. 

Once you’ve decided, click on “BUY NOW.”

Step Three: Get Full Access to eyeZy

Once you’ve chosen a subscription package that tallies your finances, you’ll get full access to eyeZy once your payment is successful. Now, you can commence your spying endeavors in full gear.

NOTE: If you’d like to see how eyeZy functions, there’s a “Demo” version of the platform. Here, you’ll see how calls, texts, location, and browser history are grouped. To make things comprehensive, eyeZy lets you access details of the target phone, including network provider, battery percentage, and signal strength.

How mSpy Helps You to Find Out Who Is She’s Texting 


If you’re looking for spyware with a proven track record, it might be time to set your sights on mSpy. 

With over 1.5 million customers worldwide, mSpy fields a vast array of functionalities that should aid you in tracking chats, calls, and keystrokes of your girlfriend’s device without her knowing. 

Offering 24/7 customer support, mSpy ensures clients get the best possible experience during usage. With a straightforward installation process in the mix, you can get started with mSpy without encountering issues. 

Just think of it as a “Plug and Play” software.

Unlike some other spy applications featuring expensive subscription plans, mSpy ensures that its offerings are accessible with cost-effective plans. 

So, how does mSpy help when it comes to sieving out incriminating texts from your girlfriend’s device? Here are functionalities that make this endeavor possible: 

  • Text Tracking Features

The “mSpy is more powerful than you think” mantra encapsulates its text tracking attributes to the “T.”

Using mSpy, you can track the SMS texts on your girlfriend’s device and chats on famed social media channels like Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Since the mSpy app works in Stealth Mode, she doesn’t know you’re monitoring her.

Talk about being a private investigator without doing anything EXTRA. 

Does mSpy’s text tracking train stop here? Not quite.

mSpy gives you access to the deleted messages on your girlfriend’s cell phone. So, if she tries to cover her tracks by deleting those raunchy texts, you can read all these messages conveniently via your Control Panel.

To ensure its offerings are a class apart from the rest, mSpy grants you access to the contact information of the person your girlfriend is engaging in those odd-hour exchanges. With access to the images on these texts, you can confront her with facts and end things on your terms if she’s cheating on you. 

NOTE: With 15% of women admitting to cheating on their spouse, the need for spy apps has become vital. If you’d like to use a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative, mSpy should top your bucket list. 

mSpy Installation Guide to Check Who’s Texting Your Girlfriend

To use mSpy and its functionalities to the fullest, you have to install it on the target’s phone. Nonetheless, it’s pertinent to note that the installation procedure is pretty easy, and you should be done in less than five minutes. 

If you think your wife is talking to other guys and hiding it, track her activities via mSpy following these steps: 

Step One: Register and Create an Account

The first thing you’ll have to do is visit the official mSpy site. On the site’s homepage, click on “TRY NOW” and input details required of you in the relevant segments. 

Step Two: Confirm Your Registration

Upon registration, you’ll get a confirmation email. This message contains your access details, including a link to your control panel.

Step Three: Login With Your Credentials

Using the details embedded in the confirmation email, log into your dedicated mSpy account.

Step Four: Locate the Detailed Guide on How to Install mSpy on the Target Device

Locate the detailed mSpy installation guide. Endeavor to read it carefully to install mSpy successfully on the target device. 

Step Five: Use the Guide to Install the Device on the Target Phone

Ensure you’re alone with the target’s device. Now, use the guideline to install mSpy. Ensure installation is successful before letting go of the smartphone.

Step Six: Start Spying

Once you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, you can spy on the target device’s texts, calls, location, and more. 

Know If She’s Talking to Someone Else With The SpyBubble


If you’d like to use a spy app that fields everything on regular spyware and more, you might want to consider The SpyBubble. Using this spy app; you can track the texts, calls, and media files on your girlfriend’s device. 

Available on Android and iOS devices, The SpyBubble works in the background. So, while your girlfriend uses her phone, she has no idea you’re remotely monitoring her activities. 

Camouflage, albeit on a virtual front? You love to see it!

Getting started with The SpyBubble isn’t challenging as the app guides you through the process with free help at your disposal. Subscriptions don’t cost an arm and a leg as the platform runs discounted offers regularly.

You don’t have to worry about tracked data falling into the wrong hands. The SpyBubble has solid encryption providing security behind the scenes.

Here are The SpyBubble attributes that’ll facilitate text message tracking on your girlfriend’s device:

  • Text Monitoring Features

If your girlfriend is texting others while in a relationship with you, The SpyBubble should tickle your fancy.

You can monitor your girlfriend’s text messages (sent and received) using this spy app. 

That’s not all:

The SpyBubble maintains its stance as an effective spy app by giving you access to deleted messages on the target’s device. 

With The SpyBubble, you can get a hold of the timeline of each message. You’ll also receive in-depth details of those they’re texting.

  • IM Tracking Features

Due to Instant Messaging alternatives, interacting with people has become easy. Despite their many positives, IM applications are common mediums people engage in executing illicit relationships. 

If you find yourself making “how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text” and “how to know if she’s talking to someone else” queries, The SpyBubble has got you covered in the social media side of things. 

Using The SpyBubble, you can get her messages from social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM (Blackberry Messenger), and Snapchat. Whether your girlfriend goes the route of regular SMS messages or IM chats, The SpyBubble has you covered both ways!

How to Install SpyBubble to Find Out Who She’s Been Texting

With the features fielded by The SpyBubble, this spy app is your best bet if you’d like to see who your wife or girlfriend has been texting recently. To kick-start your spying journey to discovery via The SpyBubble, follow these easy steps: 

Step One: Register For an Account

Head to The SpyBubble website and click on the “BUY NOW” button. Now, choose a subscription plan and fill in the required details. 

Afterward, the app creates your login credentials and sends them to you via email. Opening this email, you’ll see a unique URL and activation key. Keep these details safe as you’ll need them in subsequent steps.

Step Two: Locate Your Target Device and Open the Downloaded Link

After completing the first step, locate your target device and open its browser. Enter The SpyBubble download link. Now, download the APK file and install the app. 

Ensure The SpyBubble application is configured based on recommendations. Now, finish the procedure. 

Step Three: Go Back to Your Device and Login Into Your Account

After successfully installing and configuring the app on the target device, go back to your device and log into your SpyBubble account. At this juncture, all the target device’s data should reflect on your dashboard.

What Are the Pricings For Text Monitoring Apps?

If you’ve ever Googled “how to see who my girlfriend is texting for free,” you’ll see many free spy alternatives crop up. Although these mediums might look alluring at first glance, I advise steering clear from them. 


Free spy apps are usually scams looking to rid patrons of their hard-earned cash. Thus, I’ll always recommend going with paid spyware with a proven track record. 

Most people might think that paid spy applications will see you break the bank. However, that’s not the case. To prove my point, I’ve curated this table featuring the pricing of monitoring apps I referenced in this article:



The SpyBubble






Social Spotlight, Keystroke Capture, Magic Alerts, Phone Analyser, Invisible Shield, Pinpoint, Plans Breaker, Files Finder

Text Messages, GPS Tracking, App Control, Screen Record, Gallery, Social Media, Website Activities, Emails, Contacts, and Calendars

Call Monitoring, SMS Commands, Social Media and Website Monitoring, IM Tracking, Text Message Monitoring, GPS tracker, Control Panel, Blocking Apps, Photo Monitoring, YouTube Monitoring, and Email Checks


Android & iOS

Android & iOS

Android & iOS


Phone, email, and live chat

Phone, email, and live chat

Phone, email, and live chat





Spy Apps FAQs

How Can I Get Started With Spy Apps?

If you’re tired of asking “who’s texting my girlfriend” or “who’s is she texting” questions, spy apps are available to give you answers.

To start usage, you must register with your chosen spy app vendor. Now, pay for a subscription plan and install the app on the target’s phone. 

Once you’ve done this, you’ll get information from that device on your dedicated dashboard 24/7.

What Devices Are Compatible With Spy Apps?

Since most spy apps are geared towards mobile users, it’s common to see operators curate offerings for iOS and Android users. 

However, some apps extend their services to cover Windows and MacOS.

Parting Shot

Which of the spy app alternatives mentioned above will you choose first? While I personally prefer eyeZy for its comprehensive features, the other two options mentioned in this article will also allow you to access your girlfriend’s messages easily. Now that you are aware of the efficient and effective options available, it’s time for you to take the initiative.

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  1. I was suspicious that my girlfriend might be texting another guy, and this article helped me figure out how to tell if it was true. By learning about the signs of cheating and understanding her typical texting pattern, I could determine for sure whether she had been having inappropriate conversations with someone else. Thanks for providing such helpful advice on this sensitive subject. The information was invaluable!

  2. Stumbled upon mSpy in a tech article, decided to try it just out of curiosity. It’s interesting, but I think direct communication still beats tech interception. Just my two cents

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