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Scannero Phone Number Tracker Review

Scannero Phone Number Tracker Review

More than 7.3 billion people around the world utilize a mobile phone. These handy devices allow users to connect virtually and interact via calls, SMS messages, social media chats and similar modes. In some instances, you might need to monitor your loved one’s phone in order to discover where they’re located.

In this Scannero app review, we will talk about how Scannero works and how you can use it to track someone’s whereabouts.

What Is Scannero?

So, what is Scannero? Scannero is a dedicated geolocation service that accurately pinpoints the location of any device using its number. This solution works on all phone types, including old models and flip phones. Scannero requires no installation, making it the fastest solution available on the market.

What Does Scannero Do?

This app works by sending a message containing the tracking link to your recipient’s mobile number. Once the target user clicks the link, you’re able to see their real-time location on a map. You can search unlimited numbers from around the globe regardless of the network carrier.

There are too many benefits of using Scannero to simply ignore. This solution allows you to view the exact whereabouts of your loved one, including their town and street address. This way, you’ll discover whether your children are safe or if your partner is having a clandestine affair.

Review of Scannero Features and Capabilities

Scannero Features

Based on numerous Scannero customer reviews, this app contains a variety of useful capabilities that might interest you. Some of its most prolific features include:

  • Locating a device via a text link ─ Scannero phone number tracker provides a texting feature that allows you to customize a message, attach the tracking link and send it to your target user.
  • Messaging a lost/stolen phone ─ In case you recently misplaced your device, Scannero lets you send a text message to it and even offers a reward to the person who could be having it. This special feature isn’t usually offered by other apps.
  • Reverse phone lookup ─ This is another cool feature that’s built into Scannero. You can easily unmask the identity of an unknown caller or check some personal details of a particular phone number using this superb functionality.

Compatibility With Devices

You might be wondering: what can Scannero track? This app works on all phone models, including Android phones, iOS devices, and even flip phones. Better yet, it doesn’t require any installation on the target device.

Impressively, Scannero phone tracker by number operates on all operating systems. This dynamic functionality allows you to monitor any phone as long as you know its number.

Scannero Prices and Subscription Details

So, how much does Scannero cost? You’ll be pleased to know that this service offers affordable plans to suit its wide range of customers.

Scannero price structure for Android and iOS is as follows:

You’re provided with a 24-hour trial for only $0.89. After this period lapses, you’re charged a monthly rate of $49.99.

The limited trial period allows you to locate as many phone numbers as possible, giving you a first-hand experience of how Scannero truly works.

Once you’re impressed by this solution, you can extend your subscription to a full month at an affordable price.

Scannero Pros & Cons

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Scannero:

Friendly user interfaceIt relies on the target user clicking on the link
Works on all phone typesIts monthly price might be expensive for some
App installation isn’t required 
It offers reverse phone lookup services 

Scannero Alternatives

Despite having tons of positive Scannero reviews online, you may require some similar solutions that work just as effectively. Here are the two best Scannero alternatives in the market.

1.   Detectico


Detectico is a web-based tool that allows users to identify the precise location of a mobile device based on its number. In a nutshell, it reveals where your loved ones are situated by tracking their number.

Just like Scannero, this solution doesn’t need any app installation. It supports all phone models and works efficiently regardless of location or network carrier.

Detectico utilizes advanced GPS technology to provide the exact address of the device being tracked. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit on your preferred PC browser.
  • Enter the phone number you wish to detect on the blank field.
  • Compose a personalized text that contains the detection link.
  • Click the “Send” button to dispatch the text and wait for your loved one to receive it.
  • Once they click on the link, Detectico will automatically show you their location on a map.

2.   Truecaller


If you’re constantly getting anonymous calls from strange numbers, Truecaller can disclose who they are. This trusted app conveniently provides caller ID information, such as the person’s name and occupation.

Truecaller is also equipped with a spam blocking functionality that’s designed to auto-block all spam calls. This feature provides ample protection against telemarketers, ponzi frauds and other spammers.

You can even opt to make Truecaller your default messaging app. Here’s how this solution works:

  • Download the Truecaller App from your device’s App Store.
  • Follow the instructions to install and set up the app.
  • Launch the app and search for any number to get details about your target user.
  • Truecaller will also reveal the names of all unknown callers and block spam calls.

Despite its incredible features, this app comes with numerous in-app adverts that might turn off certain individuals. In addition, it doesn’t always provide accurate data.

Real Customer Reviews

Now that you’ve learned how to use Scannero, it’s vital to check some genuine customer reviews that can help us understand what other people think about this tool.

On Sitejabber, Scannero has an overall Rating of 4.26 stars based on 95 reviews. Such an excellent score highlights the overwhelming contentment that most users have with this purchase. Some customers describe Scannero as a lifesaving solution for worried parents, while others praise its reverse phone lookup feature that works like a charm.

On Trustpilot, has a rather poor rating of 2.7 stars based on 116 reviews. 57% of reviewers awarded this service one star, deeming it a scam with poor service provision. On the other hand, 41% of customers gave it five stars, praising its convenience and high accuracy level.

Apart from providing detailed information on unrecognized callers, Scannero was hailed for helping clients to recover lost phones and track loved ones.

Our Rating

After conducting numerous tests on Scannero, we’ve come up with an accurate rating for each category as indicated below:

Range of features8/10Scannero is a highly specialized tool that focuses on phone number tracking.
Ease of use9.5/10It’s very easy and convenient to use because it doesn’t need to be installed. It also has a friendly user interface and can locate any phone discreetly.
Pricing7/10Scannero’s monthly subscription is a bit expensive.
Performance8.5/10This solution works for the majority of cases and it’s highly accurate.
Customer support7/10It would help to get faster responses from Scannero’s support team.

Is Scannero a Scam?

Based on some unflattering Scannero reviews that are available online, you might find yourself wondering: is Scannero safe?

According to Scam Adviser, Scannero has a green rating and a trust score of 100%, which means that you can confidently use it to locate someone else’s device or conduct a reverse phone lookup.

scamadviser scannero

Some of Scannero’s positive highlights include its valid SSL certification and friendly payment methods. This platform also doesn’t contain any malware or phishing scripts.

If you’re thinking of using Scannero for daily tracking, rest assured that this service isn’t a scam. Rather, it’s a reliable and legitimate tool that offers a plethora of benefits.

Other Scannero Reviews to Read

How does Scannero work according to other credible sources? Well, some experts describe it as a seamless all-around solution that provides stable performance, remarkable anonymity, an intuitive interface and a reasonable pricing plan.

Other reviews of Scannero depict Scannero as a “very simple app” that offers good phone tracking capabilities. However, this solution doesn’t provide advanced monitoring features such as social media tracking and keylogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Scannero Track a Cell Phone With Just a Number?

Yes, with accurate Scannero features, you can obtain someone’s exact location by simply visiting its website and entering their phone number on the respective field.

Can Scannero Locate a Phone Number Without Physical Access to the Phone?

Absolutely! With this service, you don’t need to install any additional apps on your loved one’s phone. All that’s required is to open Scannero’s web version on your browser of choice and create an account. You’ll conveniently find their location by entering their number and allowing Scannero to do the rest. This solution provides peace of mind in just a few steps.

How Fast Can Scannero Locate the Target Phone? is extremely fast ─ it can locate any target device within two to five minutes. However, the success of this geolocation service heavily depends on the target user clicking on the tracking link.

Can Scannero Track a Stolen or Lost Cell Phone?

Certainly, Scannero can help you to localize your misplaced phone since it runs online. However, the device should have an active internet connection and a valid SIM card.

Can Any Country’s Phone Number Be Traced by Scannero?

Yes, Scannero can track any phone type regardless of its geographical location or network carrier. This tool will correctly trace the phone’s country and display it on the dashboard.


Scannero is an excellent phone tracking solution that’s not only accurate but also easy to use. It provides users the ability to locate any device without requiring them to install any app. Better yet, you can perform a reverse phone lookup and even send a text message to your lost phone. Hopefully, this comprehensive Scannero app review has provided all the insights you require to make an informed choice!

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