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How to View Someone’s Browsing History From a Different Phone

How to View Someone’s Browsing History From a Different Phone

The Internet has become a significant part of contemporary life. Unfortunately, not all content found on it could be beneficial. Some websites might contain inappropriate content that is especially harmful to children. Others could potentially cheat you by stealing your private and sensitive data. For these reasons, parents, couples, and employers often don’t think twice when it comes to monitoring their kids, partners, and employees’ browsing history, respectively.

Data published by the Pew Research Center reveals that in 2011, only 35 percent of Americans possessed a smartphone. As of 2019, that number has increased to 81 percent. Similarly, cell phone ownership in the US has increased by 10 percentage points during the same period – from 86 percent in 2011 to 96 percent in 2019.

The numbers cited above highlight the growing dependency of people on their phones. When people spend increasing amounts of time online, they will interact less with their loved ones. Concern for the dearest will inevitably make parents or partners willing to check their loved ones’ Internet activities. In such situations, using spyware apps can be a boon.

Amateur Ways to Track Internet Browsing History Secretly for Free 

In most cases, you will not want to see someone’s browsing history merely to satisfy your curiosity. Instead, you will do so out of concern that your child or partner might be viewing inappropriate or harmful content.

For instance, as a parent, you will want to protect your child from visiting pornographic sites. Similarly, if your partner stalks other people, it can be a sign that something’s gone wrong with your relationship. In each situation, having information that proves (or disproves), your suspicions can be useful. At the very least, it can help you obtain peace of mind and enable you to focus on what you need to do next.

How to Track Someone’s Browser History on an iPhone?

If your child or partner uses an iPhone, viewing what they are up to online can be quite simple. To accomplish this objective:

  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Swipe down to locate the Safari app.
  • Tap the Safari app and scroll to the bottom.
  • Tap the Advanced option.
  • Tap the Website Data option.

This method will enable you to find someone’s private browsing history easily. You could also accomplish this directly via the Safari app.

Tracking Someone’s Internet Browsing History through Various Web Browsers 

Your spouse, partner, or child will inevitably use a web browser for accessing the Internet, such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. Each of these browsing apps stores the details of each website the user visits.

Therefore, if you know how to operate the browser, you’ll also be able to check their history. This can be the easiest solution to your question ‘How to track browsing history secretly for free.’

The Professional Way to Check the Internet Browsing History of Another User Secretly 

The options listed above can be easy to use. They will also not cost you anything. However, they will necessarily entail having physical access to the target device. This specific requirement could be problematic.

For instance, you might get away with handling the device once, twice, or on a few more occasions. But when you want to check another user’s browsing history day after day, accessing the target device can be difficult. The more you attempt to access the target device, the more you increase the likelihood of the target user catching you in the attempt.

In this scenario, using professional spyware apps can be your best bet. These apps will enable you to monitor your loved ones’ browser history and access other information you wish to know. All these features you can use by spending less than a dollar by day.

For instance, the mSpy app can provide you with the details of someone’s web history.

mSpy demo

It can also help you track all the incoming/outgoing text messages, call history, and messages sent via various messaging platforms, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

How to Install the Spy App on the Target Phone? 

Contrary to popular perception, installing spyware apps like mSpy on the target device requires no technical or specialist knowledge. It will take not more than 10–15 minutes, depending on your requirements. But first, you will need to visit the mSpy website for checking the compatibility (and other requirements) of the target device.

Thereafter, if the target person uses an iOS device, you will need to choose mSpy with Jailbreak (compatible with iOS 7 – 9.1) or mSpy without Jailbreak (compatible with all iOS devices). mSpy without Jailbreak enables you to install the app remotely (if you know the user’s iCloud credentials). mSpy with Jailbreak gives you comprehensive access to all activities done via the target device. In case the target person uses an Android device, you will need to root it first.

The mSpy app can be the best answer to your question ‘How to record browsing history secretly.’ Installing the app requires:

  • Creating an account with your email ID on the mSpy website.
  • Selecting the target device platform, i.e., iOS or Android.
  • Identifying the plan that suits your needs the best.
  • Entering your payment details to buy the app.
  • Installing the app on the target device based on the instructions given in the email you receive after placing your order.

In case you do not feel comfortable rooting or jailbreaking the target device, consider availing mSpy’s special service mAssistance. From rooting the target device to installing the app, these technicians will do it all. After setting everything up, you’ll be able to view the user’s browsing activity in your user-friendly Control Panel from a different phone.

What Does mSpy’s Web Browser History Tracker Look Like? 

mspy internet history track

The USA Today report published in 2017 shows that 52 percent of parents believed that they possessed high levels of awareness of their kids’ web activity. In other words, parents used devices or apps like mSpy to track the Internet web history of their kids.

After installing mSpy on the target device, you will need to login to your Control Panel with your credentials. Your Control Panel will display all the details of the sites accessed by the target device. To view how the demo looks like, click here.

Can You Check the Private Browsing History of Someone with a Tracking App?

internet history

If you want to check someone’s private browsing history on their phone, there is no better way to do so than using spy apps. Of course, you can use amateur ways. However, you can be easily getting caught by the phone’s owner. Hence, such ways are extremely risky. 

In contrast, using spyware apps like mSpy can be ideal. If your target’s phone runs on the iOS, all you need to reach their web history is their iCloud credentials.

For instance, the app will display browsing details such as:

  • Browsing history logs to track browser history.
  • The number of visits per site.
  • Time and date stamps for the browsing logs.
  • Details of the most visited sites (with the frequency of visits).
  • The URLs of the sites visited.

The best part of using an app lies in the fact that at the most, you will need to physically access the target device just once – for installing the app. Thereafter, you will be able to monitor all activities done remotely.

Spy Apps Let You View a Lot More Than Someone’s Internet Browsing History!

When you purchase a spy app and install it on the target device, you’ll get a comprehensive range of information at your fingertips. You will be able to do a lot more than just track and recover someone’s deleted browsing history. The mSpy app also gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Track all sent and received text messages and emails.
  • Read conversations sent over a myriad of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Messenger, etc.
  • Track the location of the user via GPS location tracker and the Geofencing feature.
  • View all the multimedia files stored on the device.
  • Access all the contacts and calendar activities.

Not surprisingly, many people across the country rely on mSpy for monitoring their loved ones.

What Spyware Apps Rank Among the Leading Web Browser History Trackers? 

When it comes to web browser history trackers, numerous apps abound. Many of these offer a myriad of details based on their pricing plans. Some of the top spyware apps that you should check out include:


mSpy: This app remains the #1 choice for parents across the US. It takes less than 10 minutes to install and costs less than $1 per day. It provides detailed information about the target devices every five minutes. You can get alerts whenever dangerous activities take place on the device as well. mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS devices alike. The availability of round-the-clock support and a comprehensive feature list make this the best spyware app out there.


eyeZy: is arguably the most modern spy software on the list, as it uses up-to-date software technologies. Other spy applications feel several years older when compared with eyeZy. This spy app can automate and encrypt its browser history tracking to avoid data breaches.

Another reason it’s such a solid pick for the best web history tracking is that it doesn’t require rooting (for Android) or jailbreaking (for iPhones). It’s also entirely undetectable on the target’s cell phone.


Spyic: Used by a million people across 190+ countries, Spyic can be another app to consider. Available for Android and iOS devices, Spyic remains stealthy when installed. As such, the target person will not be able to detect this app on the device easily. Its comprehensive remote monitoring features give you access to WhatsApp chats, contacts, call logs and browser history. This app also comes with location tracking and Geofencing features.


Xnspy: Another leading smartphone tracking software, Xnspy works on both Android and iOS devices. It ranks among the leading Android spy apps as it offers more than 40 innovative features. Similarly, it ranks #1 in the best iPhone spy apps category for its iCloud variant. Its non-intrusive and entirely discreet monitoring offers superb levels of surveillance for parents and employers. With this app, you can track phone calls, contacts, SMS, IM chats, emails, online activities, etc.

If you’re wondering, ‘How to track browsing history secretly?’ using professional apps can be your best choice. Their wide range of features and affordable prices make them the go-to solutions for parents, spouses, and employers.

What Benefits Can You Avail by Checking the Private Browser History of Another User? 

When it comes to the Internet, adults can distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate content. But kids cannot do that as easily. In this scenario, tracking their private web history is a must. 

If you wish to find out the reason for your spouse’s strange behavior, spy apps come in handy and let you reveal all your doubts.

The same goes if you’re a business owner. Using spy apps enable you to curb wastage of productive time on non-productive activities by employees. 

Final Thoughts 

You may have your own reasons to ascertain what your loved ones do on their cell phones. If you’re a concerned parent, you should be aware of what your kids are up online. If you worry about your spouse’s fidelity, using spy apps is your choice to find out the truth. For business owners, preventing leaking confidential information is the number one priority. With a comprehensive set of features, mSpy offers, finding the answers to your questions will be no more than a hiccup.

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  1. I was worried that my son might be spending too much time online and needed to keep a better eye on his browsing activities. Thankfully, this article provided the information I needed to track his web history. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I now have the ability to monitor his online activity with greater ease. Thank you for helping!

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