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How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Location for Free [6 Ways]

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Location for Free [6 Ways]

Cell phones and social media have become indispensable elements of our daily lives. As of 2021, there were over 4 billion mobile internet users worldwide.

Our smartphones hold more information about us than anything else, as they have become inseparable companions.

If you’ve been suspicious of your girlfriend’s recent activities and have been searching endlessly on ways to track her phone, we understand your concerns. If there’s anything that can provide answers to your suspicions, it’s probably her smartphone.

However, most smartphone surveillance solutions found on the internet are either scams or simply don’t work. But don’t lose hope just yet—I have just the thing you need to discreetly monitor your girlfriend.

When I suspected my spouse of cheating on me two years ago, I tried some of these methods to uncover the truth. Based on my experience, I can assure you that you have a 95% chance of accessing your girlfriend’s texts using the techniques described in this blog post.

And don’t worry about the cost; the spy apps mentioned in this article offer free trials or demo versions to give you a glimpse of what you can expect with the paid versions. We also provide some completely free options.

Excited? Let’s delve into it.

6 Ways to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing 

Tracking your girlfriend can seem impossible if you don’t know the right techniques. Fortunately, you don’t have to try hit-and-miss strategies; you’ve got my help. Here are the top solutions to your questions on “how to track my girlfriend’s location for free”:

Live Tracking Apps 

When it comes to mediums to spy on your girlfriend’s phone without touching it, few solutions come close to spy apps. Spy apps feature excellent functionalities to give you access to everything on your lover’s phone, including texts, calls, social media messages, calendar entries, gallery, and location. 

These apps work remotely and in 100% Stealth Mode. In other words, you don’t need direct access to your girlfriend’s phone to read her texts. With a spy app, you can see who she’s talking with from your mobile phone or PC, and she won’t even know you’re spying on her. 

Ever wondered how to get all the information about your girlfriend’s mobile phone? 

Spy apps are just what you need! 

Best 3 Spy Apps to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing 

Tons of spy apps exist online, and it can be tricky to find reliable alternatives. 

However, I tried out several surveillance applications when I spied on my GF some years ago, and here are the best apps I found: 

mSpy GPS

mSpy tops this list of the best girlfriend phone tracker for a good reason. The spying app ticks the right boxes, including top-quality features, quick installation, stealth monitoring, and affordable payment plans. 

You can spy on your GF’s SMS, phone calls, gallery media, emails, and social media messages (including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder) via mSpy. The application also has a screen recorder, keylogger, and geolocation tracker. 

With over 30 features altogether, there’s nothing your girlfriend will do on her mobile device that’ll sneak past you. 

DID YOU KNOW: mSpy features budget-friendly payment plans as low as $11.67 per month. If you’ve been wondering, “how can I track my girlfriend’s android phone without getting caught,” mSpy is the cost-effective solution you need. 

eyezy Features

eyeZy claims to be “The Most Powerful Phone Monitoring Software on the Planet,” and it does well to keep that promise. 

The application spies on just about everything on a smartphone, including texts, calls, emails, photos and videos, website history, and installed apps. 

eyeZy’s social spotlight feature tracks everything your girlfriend does online, while its keylogger records every word she types on her keypad. 

None of her conversations will elude you again! 

You can also close the “how can I track my girlfriend’s cell phone” search tabs on your web browser because eyeZy provides an all-in-one solution to your problems. 

Mobipast New

MobiPast is a lot like mSpy. The app offers nearly the same number of features, is easy to install, and comes with budget-friendly payment plans. 

You can track SMS, phone calls, and conversations across about 30 social media apps on MobiPast. 

Even apps you won’t conventionally monitor on other surveillance software, such as YouTube and Zoom, are available on MobiPast. The top spy app also features a keylogger and location tracker. 

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

With their high-end functions, you’d typically think spy apps require some level of tech-savviness to install. 

However, these software packages are relatively easy to download and set up on a target smartphone. Using mSpy as an example, here’s a quick guide on installing a spy app on a smartphone: 

Step 1. Purchase a Subscription

You’ll need a subscription to monitor your girlfriend with mSpy. However, don’t fret; mSpy plans are relatively budget-friendly. You can get a payment package for as low as $11.67 monthly for 12 months. 

The payment procedures are also hassle-free. Simply provide your email on the sign-up page, pick the device OS you want to track, select your preferred plan, and process payment. 

Step 2. Follow Instructions In Set-up Email 

Once you’ve paid for your mSpy payment plan, you’ll receive an email to help you install the app on your girlfriend’s phone and log in to your dashboard. 

Follow the instructions provided to set up the software successfully. 

Step 3. Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Texts 

After installing the app on your lover’s phone, you’re good to go! Now you can read all her SMS, view her call log, spy on everything she’s doing on social media, and monitor her every move. 

Your days of endlessly reading “how can I track my girlfriend’s iPhone location” blog posts are over. 

Pros of Tracking Girlfriends Phone With Spy Apps

Mobile notification icons between man and woman using cell phone
  • Know Exactly Where They Are at a Glance

Top-drawer spy apps come with geolocation features that give real-time updates on your girlfriend’s location. Instead of unnecessary suspicion about where she spends those late “work nights,” you can set up a spy app on her phone and find out the truth. 

  • See Their Detailed Route History

Spy apps won’t only show you where your girlfriend is; they’ll indicate how they got there, including pit stops they made along the way and when. Did your girlfriend take a detour before arriving at work? You can find out with a spy app installed on her phone. 

  • Get Accurate Location Information

Spy apps’ trackers give you real-time location updates. You won’t find out where your girlfriend is hours after she has left. 

Rather, you’ll receive minute-by-minute updates of her movements. 

  • Get Alerted Wherever They Arrive or Leave

Maybe you don’t have the time to check the app every minute of the day to find out where your spouse is, but you can still get instant alerts whenever she leaves or arrives at a specific location. 

Want to know when she got to work? 

mSpy’s instant notifications keeps you posted. 

  • Check Out Their Location History

Your girlfriend’s location history is one click away with a spy app on her phone. At the end of each day, you can find out every spot she visited and when. 

With mSpy installed on your girlfriend’s iPhone, those “track my girlfriend’s location” bookmarks on your web browser are no longer necessary. 

Cons of Using Girlfriends Phone Trackers

  • Access to the Target Phone to Install Spy App

While you don’t need direct access to your lover’s phone to spy on her messages using a spy app, you do need physical access to the device to install the software. 

  • Battery Draining Quickly

Spy apps are powerful mobile applications that drain a cell phone’s battery quickly. While the application might be hidden in your girlfriend’s smartphone, her battery life might eventually give you away. 

SMS Location Tracking Apps

Spy applications are the most efficient smartphone surveillance solution on the market. However, they aren’t the only option. 

Another way you can keep an eye on your girlfriend’s phone? SMS location tracking apps. Let’s show you how these mobile trackers work. 

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone By Number: How SMS Trackers Work

SMS trackers are online services that require you to enter the target’s phone number in a text box. 

Then, the software sends a text containing a tracking link to your girlfriend’s device. Once she clicks on the link, you’ll see her location immediately. 

These mobile phone trackers aren’t as efficient as spy apps. However, if you’re looking for “how to track my girlfriend’s phone for free,” they’re just what you need.  

Best Apps to Track Girlfriend’s Phone By Number


Detectico is a cell phone tracker that helps you monitor the GPS location of any smartphone user across the globe using their mobile numbers. The service works with any mobile phone carrier worldwide.

Since it’s an online service, Detectico doesn’t require installation on the target device. It’s also private, and your girlfriend won’t know you’re the one trying to spy on her. 

DID YOU KNOW: A partner’s secrecy with their phone is a significant sign of infidelity. If your girlfriend keeps her phone away from you, maybe it’s time to get a spy app to find out what she’s hiding. 

North App 
north app

North App is another SMS tracker that tracks a cell phone’s location using the target’s mobile number. The online service also works with all mobile carriers and smartphones and can pinpoint any location worldwide. 

Furthermore, it’s 100% private. 

Although there’s no free trial plan on North App, it has a 24-hour Trial Plan to give you a taste of its offerings. 

Pros of Using Number Trackers 

  • Phone number trackers are more or less free surveillance solutions. You can use Detectico and the North App for $0.89. If you’ve been looking for “free ways to track my girlfriend’s phone number,” these services tick all your boxes.
  • You don’t require access to the target device to use these services.
  • You won’t need to install an app to track your girlfriend’s phone using her phone number, and you can access Detectico and the North App from their respective websites. 
  • These phone number trackers work with all smartphone OS and mobile phone carriers worldwide.
  • Detectico and the North App support worldwide coverage and can pinpoint a phone number’s exact location.

Cons of Using SMS Trackers

  • Phone number trackers offer only GPS tracking; you can’t spy on phone calls or texts.
  • You can’t access the target’s location if they don’t click on the tracking link in the text message.  

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone for Free With iCloud and Google Services 

Not sure if spy apps and phone number trackers are ideal for you? Google and Apple offer GPS services that could give you access to your girlfriend’s phone. 

Let’s show you how they work: 

Track My Girlfriend’s iPhone Location for Free With Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is Apple’s GPS service that enables you to track missing Apple devices and share your location with your family and friends. 

To use the Find My iPhone feature to track your girlfriend, enable the app on her Apple device and add your contact to the list of people that can access her location. 

You can do this by following these steps: 

  1. To set up the service, click on Settings. Next, click the Find My icon and turn on Find My iPhone. 
  2. Click the People tab on the Find My app and tap Send My Location.
  3. Select your contact from the following menu and choose how long you want to view your spouse’s location. You’ll immediately receive a notification of your girlfriend’s whereabouts. 

Considering tracking your girlfriend’s phone but want to avoid downloading a paid app? Find My iPhone offers the free GPS tracking services you need. 

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Android Phone for Free with Find My Device By Google?

Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device gives you full access to the location of lost or missing Android devices. However, you can also use it as an alternative tracker to monitor your girlfriend. 

To track your girlfriend’s phone using Find My Device, her Android smartphone must be: 

  • Turned on
  • Signed in to her Google account 
  • Connected to a WiFi network
  • Visible on Google Play

Tracking a location using “Find My Device” is a feature available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The following steps outline how to track a location using “Find My Device” on an Android device (the steps may vary slightly depending on the device’s manufacturer and Android version):

  1. Enable Location Services:
  • Make sure the location services are enabled on your Android device. Go to “Settings,” then “Location” (or “Security & Location” > “Location”), and toggle the switch to turn on location services.

2. Enable Find My Device:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to “Security & Location” (the location may vary based on your Android version).
  • Look for the option “Find My Device” or “Find My Phone” and ensure it is enabled. If it’s not, toggle the switch to turn it on.

3. Link to a Google Account:

  • Ensure that your Android device is connected to your Google account. To check this, go to “Settings,” then “Accounts” (or “Users & accounts” > “Accounts”), and make sure your Google account is listed and synced.

4. Access Find My Device:

  • Open a web browser on any internet-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet).
  • Visit the Google Find My Device website: or search “Find My Device” on Google.

5. Sign In to Google Account:

  • On the Find My Device website, sign in using the same Google account linked to your Android device.

6. Locate Your Device:

  • Once signed in, the website will attempt to locate your Android device automatically.
  • If successful, it will display the approximate location of your device on a map.

7. Additional Options:

  • Depending on your device’s status and settings, you may have additional options:
  • Play Sound: If your device is nearby but you can’t find it, you can make it play a sound to help locate it.
  • Secure Device: You can remotely lock your device with a new PIN or password.
  • Erase Device: In case your device is stolen or lost irretrievably, you have the option to erase all data remotely to protect your privacy.

Pros of Using Apple and Google GPS Services 

  • The Apple and Google smartphone trackers are free.

Cons of Using Apple and Google GPS Services

  • You’ll need to know the target’s iCloud or Google account login details before you can track their location.
  • You’ll need direct access to the device to toggle on the Find My Device features on iPhones and Android.
  • These services aren’t as comprehensive as spy apps. 

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing

Google Maps is another free alternative to spy apps and phone number trackers. 

While trying to track my girlfriend’s phone, I looked up “how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing” and saw helpful information on monitoring a smartphone’s real-time GPS location via Google Maps Location Sharing. 

Let’s see how it works: 

How to Locate My Girlfriend on Google Maps Using Location Sharing?


Location sharing is a Google Maps feature that allows you to share or view the location of some selected contacts. 

However, you’ll need direct access to your GF’s device to use Location Sharing on Google Maps to track her. 

She must also have Google Maps installed on her smartphone, location services enabled, and be logged into her Google account. 

To use Google Maps to monitor your GF, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Open the Google Maps application and click on the target’s profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Location Sharing and Share Location. Click “Until You Turn This Off” and select your device among her contacts. You can now see her location. 

DID YOU KNOW: Partners who cheat often lie about having a busy schedule. If you’ve been asking, “where is my girlfriend” a lot lately because your spouse returns home too late from work, it might be time to start tracking her location using a spy app.

Pros of Google Maps Location Sharing 

  • Google Maps Location Sharing is a free tracking service. It comes in handy if you’ve been looking for “how to track my girlfriend’s phone location free.”
  • Location Sharing is easy to use. You can set up the service and start tracking your girlfriend within five minutes. 

Cons of Location Sharing

  • You’ll need physical access to the device to activate the service.
  • If your girlfriend has a security lock on her device, you’ll need to have her password.
  • The target smartphone must have Google Maps installed.
  • The target must log into their Google account. 

How Can You Track Your Girlfriend’s Location Using Facebook?


If you’ve got your spouse as an FB friend, Facebook has a location tracker to help you track their location. Here’s a rundown of how Facebook’s location tracker works:

How the Nearby Friends Feature Works 

You can activate the Facebook Nearby Friends feature by clicking on “More Options” on your Facebook app. Next, click on the Nearby Friends icon and turn it on. Now, you can see the location of all your friends that have activated the feature.

If you can’t see your spouse’s real-time GPS location and are wondering, “why is my girlfriend’s location not available,” then she hasn’t enabled the Nearby Friends feature. 

You may need access to her smartphone to activate it and track her whereabouts.

Pros of the Facebook Nearby Friends Feature
  • Using the Facebook Nearby Friends feature is free. It’s another tracking option that provides a subscription-free solution to “how to track my girlfriend’s phone for free.”
  • The Nearby Friends tracker is also relatively easy to use. Within three steps, you can find out if your lover is at work or if she lied about her whereabouts. 
Cons of the Facebook Nearby Friends Feature 
  • The target needs to activate Nearby Friends before you can track them.
  • The location tracker may not always be accurate. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to “how to track my girlfriend,” Facebook Nearby Friends may not fit the bill. 

Check Driving Apps on Girlfriend’s Phone


You probably never came across this solution while sifting out mediums to find my girlfriend’s location” on Google. However, it’s worth mentioning. If your girlfriend uses cab apps, you can go through the apps to check her driving history. 

Has she been lying about her recent activities? You’ll find out immediately. Who needs a “free app to track my girlfriend’s phone” when the taxi apps on her device can give you the right answers?

Pros of Using Cab Apps to Track Your Girlfriend 

  • If you have queries along these lines – how to track my girlfriend’s phone without her knowing? – cab apps on her smartphone will provide detailed information about everywhere she has been recently. 

Cons of Using Cab Apps to Track Your Girlfriend 

  • You’ll need physical access to the device to view her ride history.
  • If your girlfriend has a password on her phone, you’ll need the passcode to unlock the device. 

Why Is Tracking My Girlfriend’s Phone Necessary?

Relationships can deteriorate quickly, and if you’re perceptive, you can pick up on signs before it’s too late. If your girlfriend consistently makes excuses, ignores your messages, and lies to you as a boyfriend, it’s natural to become suspicious. Here are some other reasons:

  • Safety Concerns: In the event of an emergency, having the ability to track your girlfriend’s phone location could be crucial. It allows you to share crucial information with law enforcement and helps them to quickly respond.
  • Trust Issues: If there are existing trust issues in the relationship, tracking might provide peace of mind and help rebuild trust. However, open communication about this should be prioritized, to avoid further harm.
  • Coordination: In a long-distance relationship, tracking can help coordinate communication times, considering time zone differences.
  • Surprise Planning: If you’re planning a surprise visit or gift delivery, knowing her location can help make the execution seamless. Remember, this should be done with good intentions and respect for privacy.


Which option would you like to use to track your girlfriend’s device? Considering its comprehensiveness, I recommend using the mSpy spying app. With mSpy, you’ll have full access to your girlfriend’s location, text messages, and phone calls. Sometimes, location history alone may not be enough evidence of infidelity, and in such cases, spy apps like mSpy can provide the necessary evidence to catch a cheating partner.

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