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Why We Love Headless WordPress

We love Headless WordPress because it marries the best of both worlds – the speed and agility of Jamstack and the content experience of WordPress. Headless WordPress is essentially the best way to scale your website and omnichannel efforts without the pain.

What Is Headless WordPress?

Essentially Headless WordPress separates church and state if you will. It divorces the database from the styling. Front-end developers don’t have to worry about writing PHP and it keeps marketing teams and developers both happy. (Now, you’re interested, right?)

“Standard WordPress has the front and back ends coupled. They coordinate read and write calls, in order to present your site to its end users. However, decoupling the front and back ends enables you to get the best of both worlds.” WPEngine 

We love headless WordPress because we are embracing the future of agency work (headless) and staying true to our love of WordPress as the CMS of choice. Of course, when it comes to Jamstack, you have other options for your database including NetlifyCMSContentful, and Drupal.

Is Headless WordPress Jamstack?

Yes, decoupling WordPress from the front end is a Jamstack application. Remember that the jam in Jamstack stands for Javascript, API, and Markup. In the case of Headless WordPress, your Markup is done in WordPress and is accessed through the REST API

“The WordPress REST API provides REST endpoints (URLs) representing the posts, pages, taxonomies, and other built-in WordPress data types. Your application can send and receive JSON data to these endpoints to query, modify and create content on your site.” WordPress REST API Handbook

Through the use of the REST API, the front end of the website is populated by the content stored in WordPress. The good news for marketing teams – and even end clients – is their experience with the website is unchanged from the traditional WordPress experience to the Headless WordPress experience. The front-end development team can reuse the content across sites for the best omnichannel marketing experience. The marketing team is happy, the development team is happy, and, more importantly, your customers are happy.

“Omnichannel operations focus on the entire customer experience—not the customer’s individual experiences on different channels.” bloomreach

What’s the Use Case for Headless WordPress?

A great use case for Headless WordPress is eCommerce. And, now that we mention it, be on the lookout for our eCommerce starters. Content on your website needs to be used on multiple channels, and with many teams to customize the UX. The pull of omnichannel marketing is strong and the decoupled architecture of Headless WP fits the bill. 

“I see this as an analogy; omnichannel is to headless as strategy is to architecture. Omnichannel as a strategy can be executed by having a strong headless architecture, this in turn fulfills the theory of composable commerce.” Rachel Thompson, BigCommerce

Headless WordPress – MusicTech and Gatsby WP Themes

We’re proud of the MusicTech site Alexandra Spalato built with our product in collaboration with the BandLab team. Alexandra enjoyed the process and the results. If you’re ready to all-in with Jamstack and Headless WordPress, check out our pricing or grab our free theme.

Thrive in the Jamstack world in a painless way.

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